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25px-Disambig This article is about the Tiberium Alliances infantry. For the Tiberium Wars infantry, see Militants.

Militants are the basic Nod infantry squad in Tiberium Alliances. They are granted without the need of research, and are specialized as anti-infantry. Equipped with light rifles, they are the basic anti-infantry unit of the Nod army.


Poorly trained, equipped soldiers of the Brotherhood. They make up for these in numbers and strong spirit. Nothing is as fearsome and brave as Nod's frontline grunts. Send them in against other footed forces.


TA Nod Militants Stealth
Unit is cloaked and cannot be attack unless it attacks first. Interrupted by infantry units within range. Cannot re-enter stealth.
Costs TA Icon Credits 5M TA Icon Research Points 10M
Duration Active until unit attacks


Stealth demonstration

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