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For the rocket militants, see militant rocket squad.

Fighters, arm up!
- Militants, after being trained from the Hand of Nod

Militants are the millions-strong irregulars of the Brotherhood following the Firestorm Conflict.


Nod's elite soldiers, such as the Black Hand troopers and the Shadows, while capable, were relatively few in number. Therefore, much of Nod's military strength came from the millions of militants drawn from the desperate populations of Yellow zones across the world. Since they only receive the bare minimum of training, weapons, and equipment, their power come from their sheer numbers.[1]

While most militants wear no armor at all, some Nod militants were seen wearing Second Tiberium War-era Nod armor, formerly used by the Brotherhood's light infantry.

Militants were trained using GAU-3 "Eliminator" 5.56mm chain guns, a weapon dating back to the First Tiberium War.[2]

Game unit

Unfortunately, militants have universally bad armor and are, generally speaking, the weakest units in the conflict. Pretty much anything capable of taking on infantry should be able to dispatch them without too much trouble. They are poorly trained compared to their GDI counterpart, the riflemen squad. However, they are tied with Scrin Buzzers for the position of cheapest unit that can be built at 200 credits while also having the largest squad size of any unit. This distinct advantage can often be seen utilized by Nod commanders, to simply overwhelm their opposition in bodies, using their dedicated foot soldiers as nothing but meat shields while more advanced (and expensive) war machines march forward. They are particularly effective in overwhelming enemy units whose effectiveness depends on the number of individual bodies, rather than armor or defense (such as GDI sniper teams). They can be trained in a short time, making them favored in Rushing Strategies. They become more effective with the Tiberium infusion and Confessor upgrades, which can make a significant difference in certain situations.

Effective counters to these infantry formations have been developed by GDI in the course of their engagements in Yellow Zones in the form of advanced grenadier units garrisoned in Guardian APCs and heavy anti-infantry units.

The Black Hand and the Marked of Kane prefer to rely on well trained squads of elite soldiers, respectively Confessor Cabals and Awakened cyborgs.




  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • speed increased by 20%
    • attack power increased by 50%.
  • Kane's Wrath (released version 1.00): Tiberian Sun-style skin applied


When created

  • Fighters, arm up!

When selected

  • Militia!
  • We fight for Nod!
  • The oppressors must die!
  • Down with GDI!
  • Rise up!
  • Hold your weapons high!
  • Soldiers!

When moving

  • Over there!
  • Move it!
  • This way!
  • Hurry!
  • Go!
  • No stopping!
  • Let's go, let's go!
  • Over there, soldiers!
  • Move it, let's go!
  • Keep going!

When garrisoning a structure

  • Take it!
  • Get in there!
  • Inside!
  • Everybody, get inside!

When ordered to attack

  • It's them, let's go!
  • There they are, get 'em!
  • Get 'em!
  • Hunt them!

When attacking

  • Kill 'em!
  • In the name of Kane!
  • Attack!
  • Die!
  • Wipe 'em out!
  • No survivors!

In combat

  • Yeah!
  • Haha!
  • Don't let up!
  • Bring 'em to their knees!
  • Make them suffer!
  • Kill or be killed!

When retreating

  • Save yourselves!
  • Move back!
  • Everybody, move back!

When suppressed

  • Whoa!
  • Get down!
  • Watch out!
  • Take cover!



  • While looking them closely when they are attacking, they seem to only use one hand to fire their rifles, unless they are in a crouching position near a structure, in which case they will hold their rifles with both hands.
  • Sometimes while idling, they look straight down the barrel of their rifle, a reflection of their poor training.
  • Attack bikes and Raider buggies are piloted by Militants. Their appearance changes depending on whether they are in Tiberium Wars or Kane's Wrath, but the cameos are left unchanged.
  • Large excessive amounts of militants can induce slow gameplay, on console versions. This is quite common with Balanced Skirmish AI.
  • Some of their idle animations show them disrespecting their own firearms by swinging it like a baseball bat to hit a rock they grabbed from the ground. They also can not perform a proper salute without dropping their rifle on the ground.
  • The quote "Down with GDI" has become very popular among Nod-minded fans of the Tiberium series.

Idle animations

  • A militant looks down the sights of his rifle and gives it a hard tap.
  • A militant taps his gun and looks down its barrel.
  • A militant throws a rock in the air and uses his gun as a bat against it.
  • A militant rapidly scratches his stomach and head whilst carelessly waving his gun around by his side. 

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