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The Mastermind with the mind control is being able to take over even the enemy Construction Yard

CNCKW Cultist Mind Control
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Mind control is exercising influence over the will of another; in effect turning an enemy unit into a puppet of your forces. While this ability is associated with psychic powers (which was until recently was considered fanciful), mental conditioning or chemicals can also subvert units. Both the Scrin and Nod have used mind control techniques; the Scrin being far more prominent and extensive.

Scrin units, such as the Mastermind, Prodigy, and Cultists all have the ability to take control of an enemy unit's mind, twisting it to suit the will of the Scrin Foreman. Of these units, the Prodigy's mind control abilities are the most developed and dangerous. They achieve this through unknown mental processes, speculated to be a form of telepathy.

Nod has used cruder, less reliable means to influence it's enemies. During the Second Tiberium War, Toxin soldiers, specialized snipers, carried darts filled with psychotropic agents. These darts rendered their targets open to influence, allowing a commander to use them as he would his own troops. The hallucinogenic grenades carried by Confessors, and the Rage generator of the Redeemer also influence the mental states of enemy units, though these units become frenzied and attack each other, instead of falling completely to Nod control. Nod's methods of this kind of warfare hasn't been always successful, as there are accounts of berserk Nod Soldiers turning on their friends because they were hit by a Confessor's hallucinogenic grenade.

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