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Mine Power Grid is a GDI side mission in the Tiberian Sun campaign. It takes place in unknown location in central Europe (according to the map locating Destroy Chemical Missile Plant mission) during the Second Tiberium War. This mission is available only once the Rescue Prisoners and Destroy Chemical Supply missions are completed.[1]

EVA briefing

If the upcoming GDI attack on the missile sites is to succeed. C4 must be planted at all six power stations. The power grid is well protected, but the train should carry the demolition team and the mutants through the gates and past the guards. If Nod forces discover the demolition team and sound the alert, take out the power plants by any means available.

  • Objective One: Plant C4 at the power plants.


This mission is short and easy. Treat it as a bonus one. At the beginning quickly run north and kill all messy Nod units. Losing any important mutants (hijacker, Ghostalker or Umagon) ends the mission. Umagon perfectly takes down infantry and Ghostalker perfectly destroys vehicles and cyborgs.

Now go north and then west to the first two power plants. Destroy them as they are guarded by only one cyborg and easy kill-able infantry. Beware of Stealth tanks because they can run over your troops (such as Ghostalker or Umagon) ending the mission. Then go south to the last four power plants.



Mission accomplished cinematic


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