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Mine Power Grid is fourteenth GDI mission in the Tiberian Sun campaign. It takes place in unknown location in central Europe, presumably not far from Hamburg, the location of Destroy Chemical Missile Plant

This mission is both optional and hidden, and requires perfect completion of both Rescue Prisoners and Destroy Chemical Supply to enter.

EVA Briefing

If the upcoming GDI attack on the missile sites is to succeed. C4 must be planted at all six power stations. The power grid is well protected, but the train should carry the demolition team and the mutants through the gates and past the guards. If Nod forces discover the demolition team and sound the alert, take out the power plants by any means available.

  • Objective One: Plant C4 at the power plants.


A bonus mission in essence, it is short and easy. Soon as the train is stopped, quickly order all units to run up to the ramp to the north, and kill pursuing Nod units. Nod forces are obsessed with destroying the train, leaving enough time for your troops to pull out to safety. If not moved fast enough, the assault team might be caught by a feral Tiberium Fiend, causing unnecessary casulties.

Now head further north. It is possible to capture a parked Tick Tank or an Attack Buggy, although the contribution would be trivial. And then move west to the first two power plants guarded by one cyborg and several light infantries, destroy them. Finally, head south to destroy the four remaining power plants to complete the mission.

Overall, with full commando trio aided by a Medic, the assault force is more than a match to light Nod defenses in this area. Still, beware of the Stealth tanks as they can run over your troops, including mutant commandos. The loss of any mutant commandos (hijacker, Ghostalker or Umagon) will instantly fail the mission.


  • Actual benefit for completing this mission is that laser fences guarding the Hamburg Missile Base will go offline after a 30-minute countdown. Although not explained, it is highly possible that this operation happened during Destroy Chemical Missile Plant, not before it.


  • In the briefing EVA is somewhat inadequate in describing the defense level as "well-protected". In fact, not even a stationary turret is guarding the power plant area.
  • This is the only mission with a "force entry mechanism" in the entire Vanilla Tiberian Sun - there is no world map briefing preceding the mission. Therefore, its exact location is unknown, nor can it be skipped. 
  • Supposedly, the original plan was to plant charges on power generators only, but not to demolish them right away. This is supported by the mission name (Mine Power Grid), EVA briefing (Plant C4 at the power plants) and the end-mission conversation between McNeil and Ghoststalker. (“C4s are ready to be detonated at any time.") Possibly, just like many other inconsistencies in Tiberian Sun, the original idea was never implemented and eventually simplified to the current form due to time constraints.




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