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The Minigun turret is a GDI support structure can be summoned by Lieutenant Strongarm in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


Constructs a turret on the battlefield that is strong against infantry and aircraft. Loses health over time.


  • Strong against infantry Can target vehicles Strong against aircraft

Game unit

It is effective against both infantry and aircraft. The turret steadily loses health over time[2], with a maximum lifespan of 20 seconds.

The quick deployment time means it can be used as an obstacle for the enemy units, especially those ground units that are going for the last moment dash towards the pad. Very useful for controlling the critical spots on certain maps[3].

Very situational use is to bait burst units, like Stealth tank, to fire it's load, since the opposing commander won't be able to react and move the unit away in time.

It can be countered by directly attacking it, since doesn't have very much health. It can't be built on a tile that is occupied by an enemy unit, so put a unit on the critical tile, if it's feasible.



Lt. Strongarm - Intel Report


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