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Mini-Gunner reporting for duty!
- Mini-Gunner leaving the Barracks

Mini-Gunners were elite Red Guards equipped with hand-held miniguns, deployed exclusively by Chinese General Shin Fai.


Although more expensive and trained more slowly than the regular Red Guard, minigunners were much better equipped to take on modern battlefield threats. A Mini-Gunner's aim was precise enough to attack even aircraft. Due to all of the additional training and cost of the weaponry being issued, minigunners were not trained in pairs like Red Guards.

If he reached a certain rank, General Fai had the option to deploy minigunners by air (known as a paradrop). There were 3 ranks of this support power, each with an increasing number of Mini-Gunners.


Gen1 Capture Building Icons.png
Capture Building Allows Mini-Gunner to capture neutral and hostile structures.


ZH Minigunner Elite Training Icons.png Minigunner Elite Training All Mini-Gunner were built as elite. Purchasable at the General's promotion menu by generals Fai of any rank.
Gen1 Capture Building Icons.png Capture Building Trained Mini-Gunners to capture enemy and neutral structures. Purchasable any Barracks for a cost of $1000
Gen1 Nationalism Icon.jpg Patriotism Mini-Gunners were trained well and already experienced a strong sense of Nationalism in large groups. The Patriotism upgrade added to the effect, improving Mini-Gunners' fighting prowess of 25%. Purchasable at General Shin Fai's Propaganda Center for a cost of $2000.

Game unit


Bullets for everyone!
- Mini-Gunner on the attack

Mini-Gunners were considerably less vulnerable than infantry equipped with more conventional weapons. Deployed in squads, their miniguns could shred through enemy infantry and lightly-armored vehicles that would normally pose more of a threat. Even enemy aircraft had to be careful, as Mini-Gunners were so well trained that they could successfully down them. While lone gunners wouldn't hope to stand a chance against aircraft such as Comanches, a horde of them can easily down entire waves at an alarming rate.


We're losing ground!
- Mini-Gunner under fire

However Mini-Gunners' weapons were next to useless against heavily-armored vehicles and buildings, and Mini-Gunners that were not garrisoned in structures or transported in vehicles were still soft targets, therefore Tank Hunters would be needed to support them. If taken by surprise they could still be quickly finished off by, for example, a Quad Cannon. Their miniguns also require ramp up time to achieve maximum rate of fire, similar to a Gatling tank.

Although Mini-Gunners could take down most infantry, Dr. Thrax's Toxin Rebels proved to be an even match to them as Toxin Rebels deal area damage and poison infantry, increasing the chance mass Toxin Rebels beat mass Mini-Gunners. Pathfinder snipers killed them easily from afar and could not be detected without the aid of an Attack Outpost. They are extremely vulnerable to dedicated anti-infantry vehicles such as Dragon Tanks, Toxin Tractors and even heavy artillery vehicles such as Nuke Cannons.


  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • now displays upgrade cameo for capture building
    • cost reduced from $400 to $350
    • range against ground targets reduced from 125 to 115

Selected Quotes

Mini-Gunner reporting for duty!
- When emerging from the Barracks
Nothing will stop our bullets!
- When selected
Our miniguns will destroy the enemy!
- When selected
Bullets for everyone!
- When ordered to attack
Cut through them!
- When ordered to attack
Spin up the guns!
- When ordered to attack
Our patriotism will overwhelm the enemy!
- When the Patriotism upgrade is complete
Patriotism will lead us to more victories!
- When the Patriotism upgrade is complete
Our patriotism will show in battle!
- When the Patriotism upgrade is complete
General, we have completed our Elite training!
- When the Mini-Gunner Elite Training General's Power is taken
Our Elite training is complete, sir!
- When the Mini-Gunner Elite Training General's Power is taken
We have completed our Elite training!
- When the Mini-Gunner Elite Training General's Power is taken


  • The cameo depicts Mini-Gunners as being armed with armed with Type 56-II infantry automatic rifles (Chinese copy of the AKM). In-game however, they are actually shown to wield handheld miniguns instead.
  • The sound their miniguns make vary from the upgraded Sentry drone to the Gatling tank weapons, depending if they are attacking ground units or air units.

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