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Missile Squad (Rivals) contains upcoming content from the next Command & Conquer game.
The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.

The missile squad is a common GDI infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals. It is a GDI equivalent to Nod's Laser Squad


The missile squad is GDI's primary anti-vehicle infantry unit. Equipped with FGM-90 shoulder mounted missile launchers, they are effective against both vehicles and aircraft alike.

Game Unit

The Missile Squad carries missile launcher that is effective against vehicles and aircraft, it is a good unit for early to mid-game. And also a useful unit to defend from Attack Bike Harvester rush.

It is good for eliminating basic vehicle and aircraft unit. However, it is vulnerable to anti-infantry units



  • Reasonably cheap to train, only costs 20 Tiberium
  • Good for defending Attack Bike Harvester rush
  • Due to number of people per squad, Any anti-vehicle units with  slow rate of fire will take more time to kill the whole squad as each shot only kills one person despite high firepower, such as Titan
  • Effective against aircraft
  • Effective against basic vehicle


  • Fragile, can be easily killed by anti-infantry fire
  • Poor against infantry



  • Missile squad here, sir!
  • Ready for action!


  • Missile Squad
  • Missile Squad, standing by!
  • Missile Squad reporting!
  • Awaiting orders!
  • Missiles, ready for launch!


  • Missiles, on the move!
  • You got it!
  • Let's go!
  • Forward, mark!
  • Moving out!


  • Missiles away!
  • TBA

Good Matchup

Normal Matchup

Bad Matchup

  • I need backup sir!
  • This is rough stuff!


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