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The Missile Tank is a Harkonnen armored vehicle used for anti-armor and anti-aircraft support.


One of the more lightly armored (though still heavy) vehicles in the Harkonnen arsenal, the Missile Tank takes its flank behind your main forces, providing good concentrated artillery fire and anti-aircraft support. The Missile Tank's heavy payload allows it to dish out a lot of punishment, but makes it considerably slow. Long reload times make the Missile Tank difficult for rushes. Once the tank has fired its missiles, there is a good chance that whatever it fired on will be destroyed.


When selected[]

  • Harkonnen ready.
  • Armed and ready sir!
  • On your command!

When ordered to move[]

  • Moving out!
  • Closing in!
  • Moving into position!
  • Heading into range!

When ordered to attack[]

  • Target locked!
  • No escape!
  • Mass destruction!
  • Lock on target!

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