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That will blow up nicely
- Missile squad when attacking.

The Missile Squad is a common GDI infantry squad unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The missile squad is GDI's primary anti-vehicle infantry unit. Equipped with FGM-90 shoulder mounted missile launchers, they are effective against both vehicles and aircraft alike.


Game unit

Cheap and versatile, Missile Squad is effective against most early aircraft and armored vehicles. Two Missile Squads are effective even against early anti-infantry armor like Buggies and Venoms. Especially suited to counter early game rushes against harvesters by Attack bikes and Laser drone and can stop tanks in their tracks.

Missile Squad can also play a scouting role and would do more damage if the opponent starts with War factory units or double Harvester.

Their ability to reveal stealthed units is invaluable when dealing with Stealth tanks and Shades — Missile Squad can reveal them, survive their attacks, and deal significant damage.

Works well together with anti-infantry units which have shooting range 2, like MG squad or Sniper team, where Missile Squads provide blocking and decent protection form mechanized units. In the early game they are often paired with Riflemen.

Most useful in the early game, when cost efficiency is most valuable. It can deal with most War factory or Air Tower units, but when population cap becomes the limiting factor, their effectiveness is diminished.

In the mid-game it's useful against heavy tank use, but will not hold well against late game vehicles and aircraft.

It shares the same stats and abilities as the Laser squad.


Missile Squad is a staple unit and will find a place in almost any GDI deck worth its salt.



When created

  • Missile squad here, sir
  • Ready for action

When selected

  • Missile squad, standing by
  • Awaiting order
  • Missiles, ready to launch
  • Missile squad reporting

When moving

  • Forward, march!
  • You got it
  • Missiles, on the move
  • Let's go
  • Moving, out

When ordered to attack favorably

  • Missile closing in
  • That will blow up nicely
  • Let's get them!
  • Lock and load
  • Missile closing in

When ordered to attack unfavorably

  • I need backup, sir!
  • Gonna take a beating
  • Seems rough, sir

When ordered to attack neutral

  • Missile squad locking in
  • Trying to get the lock, sir
  • Affirmative
  • Acknowledged

When ordered to attack unreachable target

  • Ineffective
  • No can do

When in favorable or neutral engagement

  • Keep fighting!
  • Missile away
  • Give them hell

When in unfavorable engagement

  • Missile squad requesting backup
  • We're under fire
  • We need covering fire!
  • Not gonna make it!


  • Missile squad seem to be modeled after the Missile squad in Tiberium Wars.
  • When idle, stretch out.
  • Quietly enjoys blowing things up. Male.



Intel report on Missile Squad and Laser Squad


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