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Missile storm
Missile Storm.png
A Sandstorm using Missile Storm against a group of Venom ships. Notice the bright, high-profile rockets.
Affiliation GDI Offense Class
Role Shockwave upgrade
Tier 2
Cost 1 UP
Requires Rank 8 (GDI)
  • Gives the Talon and Commando area damage
  • Enables the Missile Storm ability for the Sandstorm
    • Fires inaccurate rockets with AoE
CNC4 Missile Storm Cameo.png

Missile storm is an upgrade for the GDI Offense Class Talon and Sandstorm MLRS and many other missile firing units. It passively gives the Talon's missiles AoE and allows the Sandstorm to toggle between regular missiles and Missile Storm, which gives it a faster-firing but less accurate AoE missile loadout.

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