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|produced=War Factory
|produced=[[War factory (Tiberian Sun)|GDI War Factory]]
|req=EMP Cannon
|req=[[Electromagnetic Pulse cannon|EMP Cannon]]
|groundattack=None; disables units and structures
|groundattack=None; disables units and structures

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The Mobile Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon was a GDI support unit used during the Firestorm Crisis.


Realising the effectiveness of the EMP cannon, GDI researchers quickly developed a mobile EMP emitter. It is a vehicle that releases a less powerful blast with far less range, creating it radially from the vehicle's present location. It is also weakly armored due to the EMP generators it carries. It is effective only to nearby electric devices and vehicles (cyborgs included). However, the Mobile EMP Cannon requires some time to charge before being able to fire, similar to the teleportation method of the Chrono tank from Red Alert 1.


Its design allowed GDI to deploy EMP blasts in areas without GDI bases, which happened at least twice during the Firestorm Crisis. Mobile EMPs were deployed to stop rioters' vehicles ensued after Tratos' death without damaging them and possibly killing the occupant, and were also deployed in the joint GDI and Nod attack on CABAL's core.

During the engagement, GDI used the mobile EMP device to neutralize a cyborg commando guarding two bridges into the territory. The EMP tech has been redesigned and integrated with the shockwave artillery warheads.


The EMP tech has been redesigned and integrated with the shockwave artillery warheads. Nod found the technology useful, so they developed an upgrade for the new Raider buggy after the Firestorm Crisis.


The tank is quite fast, as it must close in before the EMP release can take effect. The EMP weapon requires a long time to reload. As the device takes much of the vehicle's volume, no room is left for additional weaponry, infantry bunkers or even extra armour. The EMP shockwave hits everything in its (rather short) radius, friendly included. By chance, it can disable Obelisks of Light, provided it can arrive close enough and detonate.

The basic chassis may have been reused for the Allied Grizzly battle tank in Red Alert 2.

Multiplayer Tactics

Offensive Strategies

Due to its light armor, it isn't the most popular unit to use when taking on enemy armored formations. If descovered, it's often destroyed before it can charge enough power to disable anything. However, it's unobstrusive enough to go unnoticed, especially in small numbers (5 is the safe maximum). When utilized by a commander who is both brilliant and sneaky, it can creep right up to the enemy forces and get at least one pulse off before it's discovered; two if he's lucky; and three or more if the other commander is a complete twit.

Here are a few tips that will give you the possible decisive edge in offensive battles:

  • Keep them away from the front lines and in the shadows
  • Swing them around and behind enemy lines if possible
  • Slowly move them up while the enemy is distracted with your other units
  • Charge them while they're closing in so they'll be ready when they reach the enemy force
  • Get them out of range after the first pulse is fired; multiple units increase affected area

Defensive Strategies

Keep in mind that vehicles and structures caught within the blast's effective radius are only disabled for a short time (10 seconds at the most), and that infantry are immune altogether. Also remember that multiple pulses will not affect the length of time enemy units or structures are disabled; once the first pulse is fired, it's wise to move the unit away from the battle area to minimize the damage it takes. And keep allied units out of the blast radius, as they will also be rendered inoperable.

Here are a few tips that will give you the possible decisive edge in defensive battles:

  • Keep them behind your defensive lines and spread out among the buildings
  • Keep them charged if enemy forces start gaining the upper hand
  • Fire them as fast as possible and try to keep them hidden until the last second
  • Fire the pulses when multiple enemy vehicles are nearby for maximum effect
  • Keep them away from heavier vehicles and anti-armor infantry

Mobile EMPs are most effective against long-range, slow-firing ground units and non-defensive structures.


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