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We can fix it!
- MRT upon assembly

The Mobile Repair Transport (MRT) was a support vehicle used by the Steel Talons in Kane's Wrath.


A variant of the Guardian APC, the Mobile Repair Transport was a specialized vehicle used by the Steel Talons to support their armored forces. Its standard machine gun was replaced by a crane, and it was equipped with a repair drone. Though unarmed by itself, it maintained the firing ports of the original, allowing a squad of infantry to fire from within it.


CNCTW Mine Drop Cameo.png
Minefield For $300, the MRT will deploy a small minefield effective against both vehicles and infantry at the designated location, for a total of nine mines. This targeted ability has a 1 minute cooldown, and each mine does 400 damage (Ctrl+D).
CNCTW Evacuate Cameo.png
Evacuate Orders any infantry stationed inside the MRT to exit at the targeted location (Ctrl+E).
CNCTW Repairer Cameo.png
Repairer The MRT comes with a repair drone that can repair friendly vehicles and structures within a close proximity (Ctrl+F).
Call for transport
Call for transport If an Airfield is deployed, the MRT can call in a V-35 Ox Transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown (Ctrl+A).

Game unit

Field support underway!
- MRT en route for repairs

The Mobile Repair Transport is a valuable support vehicle: able to repair other vehicles on the move, whilst any infantry carried inside can provide direct fire support. The MRT makes it possible for Steel Talons vehicles to stay in a combat zone and take more punishment than what most other factions' vehicles can sustain before either being destroyed or having to return to base for repairs—allowing Steel Talons commanders to become more aggressive with their mechanized forces.

Interestingly it is capable of repairing even structures - though it cannot be ordered to do so—requiring it to simply be positioned close to the structure in question. Due to its repair drones not using any resources in the repairs they perform, base structures restored in this manner can be repaired for free (albeit at a slower pace in comparison to the standard building repair method); these drones are the only way to repair Foxholes. A drone is set to remain in a small control radius around the vehicle (similar to a deployed Rig) with the added ability to repair on the move so long as the MRT is kept within range of the damaged vehicle.

By itself, and when garrisoned with the appropriate infantry squads: the MRT can be a reasonably fast and flexible unit capable of engaging most targets—whilst being inherently capable of sustaining impressive amounts of punishment due to its repair drone. So long as it is extricated from overwhelming odds, it can very shortly re-enter combat with renewed integrity to wear down and eventually outlive enemy forces - never needing to ever head back to base for repairs.

Whilst available very early, the progression of the battle towards its later stages does not deprecate the MRT's usefulness or necessity in the slightest. So long as Steel Talons commanders continue to utilize mechanized forces, the MRT will find use as a fast, cheap and highly practical sustentative support vehicle capable of loading infantry to make up for any deficiencies a Steel Talons force may possess. In this regard, the MRT can be considered the backbone of Steel Talons mechanized divisions.



When created

  • We can fix it!
  • Ready to repair!
  • MRT online!
  • Drones active!

When selected

  • At your service, sir!
  • Where's the damage?
  • Who needs some polish?
  • MRT ready!

When moving

  • Field repairs commencing!
  • Field support underway!
  • Into the field!
  • Mech support en route!
  • MRT on the move!
  • On my way!
  • Headin' there now!

When ordered to deploy mines

  • Right there!
  • Keep 'em hidden!
  • Mines deployed!

In combat

  • MRT under fire!
  • They're shooting at us!
  • Under fire!
  • Hostiles!
  • Can't take much more!
  • Engaged!
  • We're sitting ducks out here!

When retreating

  • Gotta get outta here!
  • Evacuating!
  • Emergency evasion!
  • Pulling out.​​​​


  • The MRT's armor type is named "ZOCOMRepairAPCArmor", implying that it was originally planned to be a ZOCOM unit.
  • The game's unit panel only has 4 icon slots - all of which are taken up by Mines, Dropoff, Call for Transport and Repair for the MRT. This prevents infantry from being dropped-off instantly, as there is no space for their icon.


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