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For the Tiberian Dawn variant, see Multiple Launch Rocket System (Tiberian Dawn).

The Mobile Rocket Launcher System, or MRLS, is GDI's artillery support vehicle in Renegade.


The MRLS is effective at eliminating vehicles at long ranges and can handle infantry with moderation. Avoid using these vehicles up close, as they are poor in close combat. The MRLSs rockets have a Target locking ability, and 2/3 of all missiles fired will follow the target. They greatly resemble laser guided missiles, but the MRLS does not have lasers.



Costing a measly $450, the MRLS is one of the most powerful vehicles available early-to-mid game. The MRLS works best behind cover, be it map obstacles or support vehicles; this allows them to fire and reload with less chances of retaliation, along with having a safe retreat. MRLSs are typically employed to attack enemy buildings and vehicles from a distance, rather than engaging upfront.

As it has the ability to lock on, the MRLS is effective in taking out fast moving targets. This makes the vehicle especially useful in taking out Apaches and transport helicopters on flying maps.

Due to their light armor, the MRLS will need an engineer or a Hotwire assisting them should it be under intense engagement.


Nod artillery will often win one-vs-one against MRLSs, simply because of the latter having to reload slowly.

Even if supported by an engineer, a flame tank can close in to destroy the vehicle.

Stealth is a viable option to deal with MRLSs; ambushing one with a stealth tank will be enough to destroy it, while a stealth Black Hand can lob a timed C4 on a lone vehicle.


  • The MRLS is based on the United States M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).
  • In Renegade, this vehicle is referred to as the "Mobile Rocket Launcher System" (MRLS), however in Tiberian Dawn, it is referred to as the "Multiple Launch Rocket System" (MLRS).


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