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For the Tiberian Dawn variant, see Multiple Launch Rocket System (Tiberian Dawn).

The Mobile Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) was GDI's artillery unit in Renegade.


The GDI MRLS units deliver multiple rocket rounds effective against infantry and vehicles, and somewhat less effective against aircraft.

The MRLS is slow, lightly armoured, and has a minimum range - it cannot hit units or infantry that are immediately adjaicent to it.


Costing a measly 450$ and available just seconds from a match's beginning, the MRLS is the most powerful weapon available early on, and as an artillery (whose missiles have limited tracking ability), it remains useful throughout the game, especially as a point making machine.

As its armour was not very strong, it was vulnerable to almost all kinds of ordnance. High caliber weaponry were particularly deadly against it.

It is highly effective against dug-in infantry, some vehicles, and to an extent, aircraft.


  • The MRLS is based on the United States M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).
  • In Renegade, this vehicle is referred to as the "Mobile Rocket Launcher System" (MRLS), however in Tiberian Dawn, it is referred to as the "Multiple Launch Rocket System" (MLRS).


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