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The concept of a mobile construction vehicle (MCV) was pioneered prior to the Second World War and widely used by both the Allies and Soviets. Both factions used a similar truck design. They were used to deploy into construction yards.


MCVs use simple hydraulic technology to unfold into construction yards, vitally important buildings that form the heart of every military base. With construction yards, Allied or Soviet commanders can construct a wide variety of military buildings to form their individual armies on the spot, allowing for surgical assaults or insurgencies on any battlefield they choose. Once deployed, a Construction yard is typically heavily protected by walls, guns, and razor wire in order to ensure its survival. It is not uncommon for commanders to build extra MCVs after gaining access to them via a service depot, using the extras as insurance or to expand their dominion over the battlefield via new bases.

MCV drivers are highly trained individuals; not only do they need to know how to maneuver their massive charges, but they also need detailed knowledge of land variables in order to determine where to deploy construction yards. They also double as construction coordinators once the MCV is deployed, with their duties then consisting of coordinating construction efforts from within the yard itself.

Game unit

MCVs are slow, defenseless, and in most missions are irreplaceable. As such, you will want to keep them well protected.

It should be noted that if the "Undeploy MCV" option is enabled in the rules.ini, any Construction Yards you undeploy will revert to those of your own faction regardless of which one it belonged to before. So for instance, if you are playing as Soviets and capture an Allied Construction Yard, undeploying it and deploying it again will result in a Soviet Construction Yard and not an Allied one, and you will have lost access to the Allied tech tree.

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