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The Mobile Construction Vehicle is an example of the basic unit for each side, nearly every multiplayer game starts with one Construction yard created from MCV.


The Tiberium Wars are reminiscent of the two World Wars that preceded it in that these bloody and mutually destructive conflicts gave way for rapid technological progression involving production, maintenance, logistics and tactics on both sides. By the time of the First Tiberium War, a new type of war machine was employed using all those principles in the form of a heavy logistics vehicle that has since remained the core of every combat base and operation. The Mobile Construction Vehicles or MCVs of both GDI and Nod have evolved over the years with the Third Tiberium War(and a few pre-war events) seeing the use and deployment of next generation vehicles that made frontline deployment nearly instantaneous without the need for much marching and driving.

When unpacked, the MCV allows the player to construct structures and support structures directly from it, also providing 10 power. It is heavily armored and has high health in its deployed form, rivalling that of a superweapons platform. It also provides radar. This building is essential to all combat operations because it builds unit production facilities, base defenses, and technology structures as well as a means of expansion either through the deployment of emissaries, surveyors or explorers support vehicles or by packing up into mobile form and moving out to a fresh Tiberium field, strategic point or both.

When packed, the MCVs are slow and big targets for enemy units. The unit becomes extremely fragile when packed up due to several areas becoming exposed and weakened, notably the legs on the Nod crawler variant and the wheels on the GDI wheeled variant. So be sure to always escort them with other units when moving and deploy as quickly as possible when attacked to prevent a quick kill and begin repairs on the vehicle. The MCV is however superior to its support vehicle and crane counterparts because it has better ground coverage than the support vehicles, better armor than both, provides its own power source and has the ability to build base defenses, advanced vehicle factories and superweapons whereas the cranes cannot. Though this is offset by the high unit cost, susceptibility to capture and lack of airlift capabilities due to their immense weight.

Nevertheless, the MCV is the core of every combat operation for both GDI and Nod. Its utility is indispensable and essential for protracted and pitched battles, providing units and maintaining logistics. Large armies with no MCV can be defeated by a small army with an MCV because the latter has the defensive advantage and the ability to replace their losses whereas the former does not. When used correctly, the MCV will provide the path to victory where the "cities of Nod/GDI shall rise".

The Scrin equivalent is the Drone Ship which is basically a flying version of the MCV concept


Call for transport
Deploy This command orders the MCV to deploy into a Construction Yard. It can only be performed on flat terrain that has sufficient room for the MCV to unpack (Ctrl+A).




When created

  • Construction yard, ready to roll!
  • Construction vehicle, ready to roll!

When selected

  • Construction!
  • Let's set her up!
  • Let's get working!
  • MCV unit!
  • Yes, we're ready!
  • Yup!

When moving

  • Get's her moving!
  • Moving construction!
  • Operation en route!
  • This area clear?
  • That should do it!
  • Rolling!
  • You got it!
  • Easy!
  • That good!


When created

  • Nod building everywhere! (unused)
  • The cities of Nod will rise!

When selected

  • MCV!
  • We build for the Brotherhood!
  • Find a place worthy of Kane!
  • The foundation must be true!
  • We carry the future!
  • The empire starts here!

When moving

  • A better place, perhaps?
  • Ah yes!
  • Indeed!
  • A new place to build!
  • We can try it!
  • Of course!

When retreating

  • Brothers, you must protect us!
  • We must be saved!
  • We need help!


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