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The mobile gap generator is a truck-mounted version of the gap generator appearing in Red Alert 1.


It works by generating interference that masks not only the units in close proximity to the truck, but also obscures segments of the map to electronic equipment and enemy units in the area. Due to the need to make the unit portable the reductions in size and electrical consumption resulted in a much smaller radius of effect, but the demand to hide forces on the move was great enough to make it worthwhile.

The mobile gap generator was decommissioned by the first iteration of the Third World War.

Game unit

The mobile version of the Gap Generator functions in much the same way the stationary one does. Although it projects a smaller gap field, you can hide several units under its cover, blocking the enemy from seeing what you’re sending against them.
- Red Alert manual(src)

The unit is essentially a gap generator on wheels, deploying gap effect continuously while on the move. When the unit mobilizes, the gap field follows its path accordingly. They are akin to the Nod mobile stealth generator from the later Firestorm. There are differences between the two as the mobile stealth generator needs to be deployed first before the stealth effect can take place while the gap generator is able to simply continuously transmit the gap field without the deployment requirement.



DOS English French German
RA DOS MobileGapGen icon.png RA1 Mobile Gap Generator Icons.gif RA MobileGapGen FR cameo.png RA MobileGapGen DE cameo.png

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