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Mobile stealth generator (upgrade)
CNC4 Mobile Stealth Generator Cameo.png
Affiliation Nod Offense Class, Support Class
Role Crawler upgrade
Tier 2
Cost 1 UP
Requires Rank 11
Hotkey Shift + F4 (Offense), Shift + F1 (Support)
Abilities Crawler becomes stealthed when mobile

Mobile Stealth Generator is an upgrade that allows the Nod Offense Crawler or the Nod Support Crawler to become stealthed when moving.

When applied to the Nod Support Crawler, and paired with Teir 3's mobile repairs and a Hold Fire stance, your crawler can passively repair your units on the front lines without fear of retaliation, unless the enemy brings in a Stealth Detection unit. This tactic works especially well with 2 Leviathans and their passive ability. When under heavy fire, building a pair of Scalpels or a Medusa and then packing your crawler can also save it from destruction.

Despite having the same name and effect, having one upgrade does not affect the other crawler once it is deployed, and the two upgrades need to be purchased separately.

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