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Throw the fire!!
- Conscript, throwing Molotovs at enemies
RA3 Molotov Cocktail Icons
Molotov Cocktail Party icon

Molotov Cocktails are generic names for a range of improvised incendiary weapons used by followed units:


In its simplest form, a Molotov cocktail is a glass bottle filled with flammable liquid (such as petrol) with a source of ignition. In action, the fuse is lit and the bottle thrown towards a target. When the bottle smashed on impact, the liquid ignites, creating a fireball, burning everything in the blast.


These makeshift grenades are very easy to make and during the third iteration of the Third World War they were widely used by soviet conscripts. The conscript can switch from using ADK-45 Assault Rifles to the Molotov in order to deal more effectively with tougher targets, such as Riot shielded peacekeepers, vehicles and structures. Molotovs can also be hurled at enemy garrisoned structures, clearing it out in the ensuing blaze. They are not accurate against faster units that can evade the Molotovs thrown at them.

The Molotov cocktail is also a favorite weapon of the poorly-armed militias which made up of a typical GLA Angry Mob, especially female members.


  • Conscript's Motolov Cocktails kill shielded Peacekeepers in one throw, but do low damage otherwise.
  • Molotovs actually do more damage to vehicles than the ADK rifle.
  • Naval units can be hit via the Cocktails.
  • The real-life origin of the term "Molotov cocktail" is sarcasm on the side of Finnish troops using these weapons in the Winter War, while their country was being bombed using early cluster incendiary munitions; however, the Soviet statement by People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov stated that the munitions were actually humanitarian aid, prompting the nickname "Molotov's breadbaskets".