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Mongoose at the ready.
- Mongoose

The Mongoose is the Atreides anti-armor and anti-structure walker in Emperor: Battle for Dune.

Game unit[]

Comparatively fast and lightly armored, the Mongoose uses a turret-mounted, long-range guided missile launcher to pick off enemy units from a distance and while moving. The Mongoose has a low reload rate, which means that multiple opponents can swamp it. It is quite damage resistant with a moderate decrease in speed once it has been hit.


When selected[]

  • Mongoose.
  • Mongoose at the ready.
  • Standing by.

When ordered to move[]

  • Let's go!
  • At once sir.
  • On my way.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Locked on target.
  • Target locked.
  • They'll not escape sir.
  • Time for battle!

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