Dr. Demitri, creator of the new Soviet Super Tank, wants to defect. We planned to extract him while the Soviets were testing their new weapon, but something has gone wrong.

The Super Tanks are out of control, and Demitri is missing -- likely hiding in the village to the far south. Find our outpost and start repairs on it, then find and evacuate Demitri.

As for the tanks, we can reprogram them. Send a spy into the Soviet radar dome in the NE, turning the tanks on their creators.
- Mission briefing

Monster Tank Madness is the sixth Allied mission in the Aftermath expansion. The objective is to rescue defected Soviet scientist, doctor Demitri, and turn his creations, the autopilot-controlled Super tanks, against the Soviets.


The player starts with 4 tanks and a couple engineers. Destroy the soviet units and capture their sub pen and power plant then order the thief to steal ore from the silo. After that build a transport and transport the tanks to the other side of the river and destroy the V2 stationed there. After that quickly reach the allied outpost and repair everything. Then find and evacuate Demitri by transport helicopter and finally infiltrate the soviet radar dome with a spy and DO NOT ENGAGE THE SUPER TANKS because the Super tanks can destroy any Light and Medium tanks that oppose it no matter how many tanks the player builts. Once the Super tanks destroy the soviet base mission accomplished.


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