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Mortars are an upgrade available to the GDI Pitbull. Although the Pitbull was designed to be an anti-air and recon vehicle, installing mortars enhances the Pitbull's function, turning it into a light artillery platform.

Game Effect[]

The rounds fired from the mortar are quite effective against most targets. Stationary structures are unable to dodge them, and vehicles can be kited by utilizing the mortar's long range and the Pitbull's inherent speed. Infantry take heavy damage, and entire squads can be torn apart with only a few shots.

Note that the mortar's rounds do not actively track targets, so faster opponents (i.e. Nod Attack Bikes) can easily evade them. The shells are also slightly inaccurate, though their area of effect damage means that slower targets will always be hit regardless.

While the addition of a mortar does not mean they can best other units in head-on combat, it certainly improves the Pitbull's support capabilities and overall damage to surface-based targets, and gives them a way to deal respectable damage to infantry.



  • In the unofficial 1.02+ patch for Kane's Wrath, the player is able to directly switch to and from mortar usage for more precise attacks.
    • In the final release, it is automatically fired.
  • Unlike other artillery weapons deployed in the conflict, the Pitbull does not need to be stationary to fire.
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