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Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Pitiful. Your confidence outweighs your ammunition.
- Wild Dog

Mose "Wild Dog" Akinjide is a GLA general who was to appear in the cancelled Command & Conquer. He is very resourceful and employs the upgraded Marauder tank.


Mose Akinjide was literally born into conflict, snatched as a newborn from his mother's arms during a bloody Janjaweed raid on his home. Sold on as a toddler to a violently anarchistic rebel 'army' by the age of six, he was scavenging battlefield corpses for his resource starved masters. Five years later, he was a fully-fledged child soldier, wielding his AK-47 with more manic enthusiasm than accuracy. His fearlessness and brutality quickly became legendary and in time he came to lead the wild group he had once been enslaved by. As the GLA started to expand their African presence, they reached out to Akinjide. Mose integrated his group into the GLA and has since lead a series of horrifically violent raids against those deemed worthy targets. The 'Wild Dog' of Sudan remains one of the most feared GLA operatives in the region.



Base defenses

Support powers


  • His portrait depicts him wearing 3 watches, most likely to know the time of multiple time zones or even his status as an African warlord.


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