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The Mount Rushmore control centers were buildings used to control the Mount Rushmore defense turrets.


In order to protect the intercontinental laser hidden within the Theodore Roosevelt sculpture of Mount Rushmore, the sculptures of the three remaining US Presidents were modified into defense turrets, capable of firing long range lasers out of their eyes.

During President Ackerman's attempt to level Moscow with the Rushmore weapon, he activated the three control centers in sequence, turning the sculptures against the Allied forces trying to stop him.

Game building

Once Ackerman's limousine reaches one of the control centers, the sculpture it controls will activate and begin firing lasers at your forces.

The head control centers are indestructible, but can be captured by an engineer to disable their respective sculptures, but since they are inaccessible by land, the only way to reach them is to airdrop Engineers using Century bombers.

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