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CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

A longtime thorn in our side, the Greek commander Stavros, has finally been cornered. He has taken refuge in an underground bunker full of his Chronosphere technology. Prove to him that no Allied tricks can stop the wrath of the Soviet Union. Track him down, and eliminate him.

Return with results -- we do not want to hear of his escape... only the creative manner of his demise.

We have provided you with engineers that, given the opportunity, can use Chronosphere technology. Do not squander them.
- Mission briefing

Mousetrap is the third Soviet mission in Counterstrike[1] and the first Ukraine mission in Retaliation. It is set in a secret Chronosphere research center and features a strike team sent to assassinate Nikos Stavros.


The Soviets have managed to locate General Stavros in an underground bunker full of Chronosphere prototypes, intending to use these devices to escape as he is cornered. As one of his first assignments in Ukraine, Commander S7 is to assassinate the Greek general. The Commander's team of infantry and attack dogs is sent into the complex.



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