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Cluster missile ready.

The multi-missile (also referred to as a cluster missile) was a special weapon used by the Brotherhood of Nod in the Second Tiberium War and CABAL during the Firestorm Conflict. Its role is similar to that of GDI's Ion Cannon.


After their humiliating defeat in the first war, Nod redesigned its missile chassis originally intended to carry nuclear warheads to carry less potent submunitions, utilizing it as temporary solution for "super strikes" until their Tiberium waste missile research was complete. The temporary solution undesirably become standard as the Tiberium missiles proved less potent than intended while requiring more available material.

Launched from a missile silo, the multi-missile is a long range smart cruise missile with three cluster bomb warheads. Upon reaching the designated target area, the warheads detonate, releasing deadly explosive submunitions, saturating the entire area with high explosives, often resulting in complete destruction of whatever was located in the area. The destruction is not equally shared, as this is a cluster munition type.

During the Third Tiberium war Nod went back to building nukes instead of using cluster missiles.

Game effect

The multi-missile requires some time to hit its intended target, making it less desirable to hit mobile targets. When the missile reaches its destination, it will detonate, showering its target with submunitions, with uncertain results. Although multiple missile silos can be built, only one multi-missile can be launched a time.

Once launched from the silo, the missile can bypass virtually all anti air weapons and sensors, except active Firestorm defenses. The multi-missile can deny the Firestorm defenses only by outmaneuvering it.

AI behavior

The AI will use Multi Missile to target the following structures or units, assuming they are not cloaked. These are ordered according to priority:

  • MCVs (Easy difficulty greatly decreases the priority of MCVs as potential targets)
  • Construction Yards
  • War Factories
  • Power providers (Easy AI only) and Superweapons
    • Both buildings have the same priority if the AI is set at Easy difficulty

If all these do not exist, it will target base defenses (including deployed units like Artilleries), Engineers (except on Easy where it greatly decreases the priority of Engineers), Helipads, then finally units.

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