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You been cleared to build Multigunner Turret base defenses.
- Allied Advisor(src)

The Multigunner Turret is a versatile primary base defense of the Allied Forces appearing in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Nothing is known about the background of the Multigunner Turret. However, since it is essentially an immobile version of the Multigunner IFV, it is reasonable to assume that it was manufactured by Towne-Travers Technologies.

Game structure

It can hit all ground and air units and can be built over water. By default, it has 3 rocket launchers that are rather effective against aircraft, and can be upgraded to be more effective by loading it with a Javelin Soldier (though it becomes more effective against vehicles in the process.)

Mostly the effects are actually based on the unit's role, though there are exceptions for units that do not attack.

  • Anti-infantry units - Anti-infantry turret
  • Anti-armor unit - Anti-armor turret
  • Anti-aircraft unit - AA turret
  • Engineer - Ground/Naval repair crane
  • Other support units - Varies

Like Multigunner IFVs, the Multigunner turret can change weapons depending on the infantry inside it. Multigunner turrets should never be used against artillery or heavy units like king onis and apocalypse tanks due to they are not tough as spectrum towers.

Infantry effects

Here are a list of effects on what happens when different infantry are garrisoned in the Multigunner turret.

Desolator Airstrikes and Conscript's Molotov cocktails can clear out garrisoned infantry.

Allied infantry

  • Peacekeeper: Shotgun turret faster than the IFV
  • Javelin soldier: Heavy missile turret (6 Missile Launchers) but slower reload rate after all missiles are fired
  • Allied engineer: Short ranged repair crane
  • Attack dog: Sonic bark, stuns infantry. As of a recent patch, they can no longer garrison turrets, but can still enter Multigunner IFVs.
  • Spy: Sniper turret
  • Tanya: Supreme anti-infantry turret
  • Cryo Legionnaire: Cryo Turret that freezes units. Can also freeze air units, and when they are fully frozen, will drop out of the sky. Fires a cryo-beam (similar to a Cryocopter's) instead of liquid nitrogen.

Soviet infantry

Imperial infantry

Burst drones, Terror drones, Rocket angels, and Mortar cycles cannot garrison the structure.


  • The Multigunner Turret's icon clearly shows a eight-tube missile launcher, but actual model has a three-tube launcher, even garrisoning a Javelin soldier can only give a six-tube launcher.
  • After placing a Cryo Legionnaire, Multigunner Turret's default missile launcher changes to a dual-barrel Cryobeam cannon, but only fires a single beam.
  • The Multigunner Turret is the only base defense in Red Alert 3 that can attack air and surface targets without switching between weapons.


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