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The Invasion of Munich is a rescue mission in Germany in Tiberium Wars.


The liquid Tiberium explosion at Temple Prime had wiped out all GDI and Nod forces in the Balkans and part of North Africa, turning the region into a Red Zone. GDI would not comment on the incident, leaving Director Boyle hanging out to dry to deal with the mass media, only stating that they should be "eternally grateful" that Kane is dead.

However an unexpected consequence had arisen when GDI's deep space networks detected six unidentified aircraft heading towards Earth. Before they knew it, the ion cannons (under Boyle's panicked orders) were activated and fired on the UFOs. These craft spilt into multiple smaller aircraft and landed on every Red Zone. Almost immediately they began widespread attacks against every major city across the globe. With Nod recuperating from its wounds from the attack on their headquarters, GDI was the only world power left in a position to combat this new threat.

General Granger tasked the commander to defeat the aliens in Germany, which was a part of the New Eden Blue Zone. First on the board was the city Munich, which was home to Future-Tech Lab scientists and had been largely destroyed by the Scrin invasion. Kirce James tasked the commander to escort the survivors, especially the scientists and their valuable research, safely out of Munich.

New units[]


This is a relatively simple mission, so consider it a break after the hard fight at Temple Prime. From here on out, things get hairy.

The player is given command of a small team of Pitbulls, Zone Troopers, and Rifleman Squads (two of each), who are initially situated in the northeastern part of the city with their charges. The three civilian transports who are the objective of this mission are completely uncontrollable, and follow a predetermined path around the city.

For the most part, keeping the initial task force near the convoy means that they can repel anything the Scrin throws at them. There is very little else for these units to do anyway, as a large portion of the belligerents on the battlefield completely ignore the player's forces and cannot be selected or (in the case of the Scrin units) attacked in any way.

Of particular nuisance are the Stormriders, fast-moving aircraft that fire projectiles effective against infantry and vehicles. They appear quite often during the mission. However, the given Pitbulls are already heroic and take down Stormriders with ease, but they are still somewhat fragile. Note that they are the only AA unit given until after the bridge is crossed, so their survival is quite important. Apart from Stormriders, the only other points of concern are various infantry units - in the main, anti-vehicle Disintegrators and perhaps some Shock Troopers (on Normal difficulty or higher).

When the convoy nears the bridge, three Stormriders will fly in and destroy it, forcing the group to take a longer alternative route. The transports will break down halfway through (much to the ire of the transport drivers and escorting soldiers), which necessitates a brief stationary defense period. They eventually get the vehicles operational again, and approach the southern bridge, where the player's forces are reinforced by Assault Platoon Epsilon. While the additional anti-infantry and anti-armor/anti-aircraft firepower is certainly useful (and ensures that the transports can be defended against aircraft even if the Pitbulls are destroyed), the most important aspect of this team is its pair of Engineers, who are incidentally vital to the bonus objectives of the mission.

This mission has two bonus objectives: the first, to recapture the GDI Power Plant in the city (and thereby re-power the city's Sonic Emitters), and second, to recapture the Future-Tech research lab to extract and upload the years of research that was hastily abandoned during the evacuation. The first is trivially easy; the reinforcement team enters the field near the second bridge, and the Engineer only needs to cross the bridge and enter the power plant. The second is harder, as it requires him to take a hike across the active battlefield that is the city to the lab at the northeast part of the map. Shortly before the reinforcement team arrives, the commander will receive a garbled transmission of a GDI soldier exclaiming over the destruction of the city wall, which allows the Engineer to access the lab on the other side. Sending an escort team is advisable, as the Stormriders can make very quick work of him and lost Engineers are not replaced.

Assuming the power plant was captured, the two Sonic Emitters flanking the second bridge will power on and begin firing at any Scrin forces attempting to cross it. Being GDI's advanced defensive structure, these battlestations possess immense power and easily tear up most ground forces deployed against them in this mission. Note that they have no anti-air weaponry, however, so they may still need some assistance against Stormriders. Getting the Sonic Emitters online will cover the convoy's back as the transports take the home stretch to the subway and into victory.


Though the battle seemed rather minor, it marked the first major victory against the alien invaders, and also proved that they were not as indestructible as the humans had once thought. This skirmish also contributed valuable information regarding the potency of harmonic resonance technology against the Tiberium-based lifeforms.

Despite this, it was clear that GDI's defensive line in New Eden would not hold for much longer. General Granger tasked the commander with acquiring intelligence on the enemy and pushing them out of the area, hoping that the success of such operations would shatter the momentum of the alien invaders and raise morale among the human defenders.


Prelude cinematic 1
Prelude cinematic 2
Granger's briefing
James' briefing


  • The trio of Stormriders who destroy the bridge are destructible, which makes the already-short mission even shorter (and circumvents the issue of the transports breaking down).
  • Munich is one of only two special operations-type missions in the entire GDI campaign (the other being Hampton Roads).
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