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The hostile indigenous population is more advanced than expected and represents a critical threat to our forces. During diversion attacks on the major population center of Sector 2-5, Continent Three, two of our scout ships were disabled in-flight by hostile indigenous forces. These ships were carrying data nodes that are critical to Threshold construction activities. The nodes are now stranded in enemy territory. Heavy local activity is reported near the scout ships and this activity is distributed over a wide area - but energy for their forces seems to be coming from a localized source. Eliminate this source and you'll secure the area and clear the way for reinforcements.
- Mission briefing

Munich is the second mission of the Scrin campaign in Tiberium Wars.


The Scrin harvesting operations were underway, and construction of the relay node and Threshold assemblies were in progress. However the Mothership AI detected premature levels of Tiberium deposits, with only 20% of the planet completely covered by the crystal and ready to be harvested. Furthermore the Scrin found an indigenous population that was supposedly dying and near-extinction to be heavily militarised, and the harvesting force was not equipped to withstand such prolonged resistance. The Mothership AI advised another mission abort, but the Supervisor overrode the command, stating that human resistance was not wholly united, thus ordered Foreman 371 to continue diversionary tactics. The AI accepted and located another major population center in Europe - Munich.

New units

  • Shock trooper
  • Masterminds
  • Devourer tank
  • Annihilators
  • Devastators
  • Planetary assault carriers


Two Scrin scout ships carrying important data had been shot down over Munich by GDI. A Mastermind was sent to infiltrate the city and disable the defense grid, which it did successfully with the help of two Devourer Tanks by mind-controlling a Barracks, training an engineer, and using it to capture and disable the control center.

This caused the local Sonic emitters to shut down, allowing a large Scrin invasion force to move in and eradicate the GDI base.


The destruction of Munich forced GDI to evacuate the Future-Tech scientists from the area. However, resistance was stiffening up and the Scrin's diversionary tactics were beginning to fail. The Scrin in turn suspected that they were set up, and started to investigate the source of the Liquid-T explosion.


  • The Engineers trained from the Barracks are hard coded to not be able to capture any structures besides the Defense grid structure. If the player manages to manipulate and sell a Construction Yard, it will spawn an Engineer that is able to capture regular enemy structures.
  • Engineers will not be targeted by the AI opponent, it is still possible for them to be run over by Predator Tanks.
  • It is possible to complete this mission without completing the first two primary objectives. It only takes more time.


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