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Mutant Gun Turret
Affiliation Forgotten
Role Base defense
Armament Vulcan cannon
Tech level -1
Hit points 300
Armor type Heavy
Ground attack 18 (SA)
Cooldown 26
Attack range 6
Sight range 7

Mutant Gun Turret is a base defence structure used by the Forgotten in Tiberian Sun.


The mutant gun turret was an observation tower fitted with a Vulcan cannon. Being an armed civilian structure, it was not very durable, though it was able to blend into the surrounding environment and catch enemies by surprise.

Game unit

Mutant gun turrets only appear in the Nod mission Sheep's Clothing.[1] They are armed with the same type of weapon as the GDI component tower's Vulcan cannon, but are otherwise identical to the "observation tower" civilian building. They are effective against infantry and light vehicles, but can be easily destroyed by tanks.



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