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For the GLA's unit, see Hijacker.

No keys, no problem.
- Mutant Hijacker, getting to work
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The Mutant Hijacker is an infantry unit in Tiberian Sun.


Unarmed, exceptionally skilled mutant trained to hijack any enemy ground vehicles, including giant walkers like the Mammoth Mk. II and MCVs. It is never specified whether Mutant Hijacker is a specific person, or a function title for mutants that qualifies. 

Seems to have Forgotten origin, judged by their mutant identity, and use of scavenged outfits of mixed origin. In a well-known portrait, a Hijacker is seen wearing a long trenchcoat and a salvaged Nod light infantry helmet. Mutant hijackers are spotted offering services for all 3 factions in conflict, indicating some of them may work as merceneries, indifferent to the ideology of their bosses.

Like other mutants, Mutant Hijacker can heal himself by traversing Tiberium fields.

After Firestorm Crisis, Mutant Hijackers, along with the rest of the Forgotten, become inactive, presumably went into self-exposed exile.

Selected Quotes

Need a ride?
- When selected
- When selected
- When selected
- When selected
Hot wired!
- When moving
Hit it!
- When moving
- When moving
Four on the floor!
- When moving
Where do you want it?
- When ordered to attack
Going my way!
- When ordered to attack
Jacking them up!
- When ordered to attack
I always wanted one of these!
- When ordered to attack



  • Able to hijack all ground vehicles
  • Fast for an infantry
  • Immune to Tiberium radiation
  • Self-heals on Tiberium
  • Can steal civilian buses and cars and turn them into unassuming transport vehicles


  • Defenseless
  • Can be crushed by vehicles
  • High tier unit, requires a Temple of Nod to train
  • Only one can deploy at a time
  • Expensive
  • Cannot leave hijacked vehicle unless vehicle is destroyed


  • The fact that a Nod commander can train another Mutant Hijacker if the previous one dies further supports the point that it is a function title. 
  • If the player listens closely when the hijacker responds, they will hear music in the background of his response.
  • The idea of vehicle stealing units is later re-used in Generals.
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