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For the GLA's unit, see Hijacker.

No keys, no problem!
- Mutant Hijacker(src)

The Mutant Hijacker is an exceptionally skilled mutant trained in the hijacking of enemy vehicles. He appears in Tiberian Sun.


He is an important member of the Forgotten, as he acquires vehicles and technology for them. He wears a long trenchcoat and a salvaged Nod light infantry helmet for protection when stealing a vehicle.

He is able to even steal the Mammoth Mk. II and any faction's MCV with ease. Like other mutants, he can also heal in Tiberium fields.

Interestingly, the hijacker often preferred to hire his services out to the Brotherhood of Nod instead of GDI. After the Firestorm Crisis, the Forgotten, along with their Hijackers, went into their self-imposed exile.

AI behavior

Mutant Hijackers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting vehicles; loaded inside a Subterranean APC with 4 Rocket infantry then unloaded near an enemy Tiberium Refinery
  • 1x guarding base
  • 1x targeting vehicles


When selected

  • Need a ride?
  • Sir!
  • Yeah?
  • What?

When moving

  • Hot wired!
  • Hit it!
  • Four on the floor!
  • Cool!

When ordered to hijack

  • Where do you want it?
  • Goin' my way?
  • No keys, no problem!
  • Jacking 'em up!
  • I always wanted one of these!


  • It would seem strange for the mutant hijacker to work for the Brotherhood of Nod due to the faction's view on mutants. However, some of these soldiers are likely mercenaries who will work for anyone if they are willing to pay.
  • In the background of each response of a mutant hijacker, funk music can be heard.
  • If a mutant hijacker assumes control of a Juggernaut and then deploys it, the Hijacker will become Light infantry once the Juggernaut is destroyed. This frees up the slot to train the Mutant Hijacker.

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