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The mutant hovel is a G-330X habitat module that was built by GDI to shelter the Forgotten and has since been modified by the mutants to suit their needs. They enable commanders to recruit mutant marauders for their army.


In 2042, five years after the mutant population went on a self-imposed exodus into the Tiberium wastelands, these habitat modules were deployed by GDI on the borders of red zones as a show of goodwill toward the mutant population. Since then, there have been scattered but unconfirmed reports that mutants have taken shelter in the habitat modules.

During the Third Tiberium War, these Mutant Hovels, as they came to be known, became home to mutant mercenaries, who offer their service to anyone willing to pay.

Game building[]

Mutant Hovels are neutral structures that can be captured by Engineers, Saboteurs, and Assimilators. Upon capture, the building's owner is granted the ability to recruit Mutant Marauders from it.

The Mutant Hovel's armor is noticeably weaker compared to other neutral structures, and can be easily destroyed, so care should be taken to protect it.

Although AI players will capture Mutant Hovels, they never train Mutant Marauders.

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