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The seas belong to the Empire!
- Naginata cruiser

The Naginata cruiser is a torpedo cruiser used by the Empire of the Rising Sun in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


The Empire was met with little resistance overtaking much of the waters north of the Soviet Union, in part because of their element of surprise, and in part because of the naginata cruisers. The mainline ship-hunters of the Imperial navy decimated virtually all that stood in their way, opening up an opportunity for Japan's Shogun battleships to lay down withering coastal bombardment to pave the way for a full-scale invasion.

These ships take their name from an ancient Japanese bladed staff, once used to keep the enemy at bay or to bring down fast-moving cavalry. The Naginata cruiser was likewise dangerously unapproachable from the seas, for its captains were always well-prepared to let loose pairs of quickly-loading, semi-guided torpedoes. Each Naginata cruiser was also armed with an additional set of five launchers hidden below the waterline, which can launch a spread of torpedoes to attack multiple targets. What's more, these special Type-S torpedoes travel so far below the waterline that even submerged Soviet Akula-class submarines cannot hide from them--a fact that contributed to the overwhelmingly one-sided first encounter between the Soviet and Imperial navies.

The speed of these ships enabled them to close the distance and then quickly finish their victims, and their unusually strong armor means they can withstand heavy fire on approach to their targets. Though studies revealed that the Naginata cruisers have no anti-air capabilities, the Empire seemed to always have several of its Sea-Wing vessels lurking nearby, ready to ambush any aircraft on approach.

Serving aboard a Naginata cruiser is considered a great honor, since they are relatively uncommon and charged with protecting the mighty Shogun battleships. As such, service aboard Naginata cruisers is restricted only to the Japanese elite - men whose stern loyalty to their cause and sharp senses for naval warfare purportedly made them as feared within their society as their ships were hated by their enemies.

Game unit[]

Naginata is capable of beating the Allies and the Soviets toughest and strongest naval vessels so the best way to deal with it is by air power or the Hydrofoils weapon jammer which will make the ship vulnerable. These ships cannot attack land or air targets and are meant to deal with subs as well as any ships on water. Its special ability is ideal for when Naginata is outnumbered. Alternatively, all torpedoes can be launched at once at point-blank range to the broadside of a single target ship.





  • Naginata class departing!
  • The seas belong to the Empire!


  • No one will defy the Imperial Navy!
  • All clear!
  • Naginata!
  • Attention all crew!
  • They won't stand against us!
  • They will submit, or die!
  • Where are they hiding?


  • Main engines!
  • You heard the order...
  • Proceed!
  • Keep scanning!
  • They're here, I know it!
  • Carry on...
  • New heading set...

Attacking ship[]

  • Launch!
  • They're right there!
  • Finally!
  • They're ours!
  • Rip their hull to shreds!
  • Wipe them out!
  • Split them open!
  • Attack!

Attacking sub[]

  • Draw them out of hiding!
  • Flush the cowards out!
  • I hate subs!
  • Don't let them surface!

Move to Attack[]

  • That's them! Full speed!
  • These are our waters!
  • On my mark!
  • The Seas will be their Grave!
  • To your stations!
  • Pursue them!

In combat[]

  • Drown them all!
  • Do not stop!
  • Resume until all are sunk!
  • Maintain positions!
  • Make this their last!
  • Don't let them any closer!


  • Return to base! Immediately!
  • Bring her in!
  • Keep those repair stations ready!
  • Let them think they beat us!

Under fire[]

  • They will pay for this!
  • They must be dealt with!
  • We will not stand for this!
  • What's the damage?
  • Are we taking water yet?!!


  • The "naginata" (kanji: 薙刀) from the name of the torpedo cruiser is a Japanese polearm with a long, curved blade, similar to the European glaive and fauchard, and the Chinese guandao.
  • Naginata's design is heavily focused on torpedo warfare. It may be a reference to the real-life Imperial Japanese Navy's torpedo cruisers Kitakami (kanji: 北上) and Ooi (kanji: 大井), converted from light cruisers to carry ten quadruple torpedo tubes per ship capable of launching 40 Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedoes at a time.
  • Naginata has submarine torpedo tubes instead of deck-mounted ones that are used by most surface warships.
  • The marking on Naginata's bridge and fore deck: 虎鯊 (pinyin: Hǔ shā) is actually a Chinese word means 'Tiger shark'. The correct Japanese word for Tiger Shark is 鼬鮫 (katakana: イタチザメ; romaji: Itachizame).



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