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From Mother Russia's bosom springs soldiers who are superior in every way. And I am the greatest of these.
- Natasha(src)

Natasha Volkova (Russian: Наташа Волкова) is a Soviet commando appearing in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


Natasha is an elite Soviet black ops agent. Very little information is available about her past. The woman herself is a seasoned professional (and, in the words of some, a cold-blooded killer). She deals only with the most severe affairs of the Union.[1]

While the Union's agencies continuously dismiss and/or incarcerate journalists who question Natasha's military conduct (due to reports of shocking cruelty she shows on the battlefield) or the validity of official sources on her life and career, the rumours persist.


Natasha Volkova and Premier Anatoly Cherdenko.

Natasha was a key element of the Soviet armed forces and so she fought on nearly all fronts during the Third World War.

In the Allied campaign, Natasha teamed up with her Allied counterpart Tanya in Gibraltar and the North Sea against the Empire of the Rising Sun. Unconfirmed reports state that she participated in the USSR's last stand in Leningrad against the Allies and survived the battle. In Uprising, one of her engagements included a massive battle on the north-eastern coast of Brazil that has left the battlefield full of deserted combat worthy vehicles, after she shot out the pilots[2]

In the Soviet campaign, she helped led the counterattack in the defense of the Peter and Paul Fortress in Leningrad against Kenji's Imperial forces. Commander Moskvin then later guided her through the Imperial-occupied Krasna-45 Aerospace, near Moscow, to recapture the space facility. Afterwards, she later served in all missions.


RA3 Driver Snipe Icons.png
Pilot Snipe Natasha kills the pilot of an enemy vehicle, allowing it to be captured by infantry units.

Game unit

Natasha is a commando-class unit. Unlike Tanya or Yuriko, she has no effective direct weapon against vehicles, however, she can load her rifle, with a special armour-piercing round, and then execute the crew with a well-placed shot, usually through the view-ports of the vehicle; Allowing herself, or fellow comrades, to take the wheel. (Identical to Jarmen Kell's ability).

To deal with vehicles and buildings, she designate them with her laser designator. Once the target is acquired, a Badger Bomber arrives shortly after to smite it in a single hit, making her a real thorn to a commander, who leaves his facilities defenseless. However, the attack takes a while to complete and thus she's vulnerable in the meantime. Repositioning her would be best to avoid a potential counter-attack but it cancels the airstrike.




  • Natasha here, you have a list for me?
  • I always find my prey!
  • Natasha Volkova!


  • Natasha here!
  • Point me at their direction!
  • I'm ready for a kill!
  • You like my scope?
  • I always get what I want!
  • Whenever you're ready!
  • Angel of Death!
  • Many will die this day!


  • In time!
  • I've got their scent!
  • Yes!
  • I'll keep it in mind!
  • Taking position!
  • What's next?
  • The hunt continues!
  • Let's be off!
  • On the move!

Moving to land

  • Let's find their tracks!
  • We'll pursue 'em on land!
  • I'll walk from here!

Moving to water

  • Into water!
  • I can swim!
  • They now swim!

Garrisoning Structure

  • The room with a view please!
  • I can use this one!
  • This one will have to do!

Attacking single infantry

  • Shot through the heart!
  • Just another tip!
  • I'll take this!
  • Time's up!
  • Lights out!
  • Sweet dreams!
  • The pleasure is all mine!
  • ​Going in for the kill!

Attacking multiple infantry

  • Punch right through!
  • Death in their track!
  • I got 'em line up!
  • Setting up for the kill!

Use Driver Snipe

  • Punch right through!
  • Death in their track!
  • I got 'em line up!
  • Setting up for the kill!
  • AP, I'm reloading it!
  • Right through the armor!

Use airstrike

  • Targeting for airstrike!
  • Ready the bomber!
  • Target set command!
  • Badger squadron on my mark!
  • Air support coming!

Move to Attack

  • They won't get far!
  • Those don't have a chance!
  • I'm getting close?
  • Yes, I see him!
  • Watch this!
  • Going in for a kill!

In combat

  • Next!
  • Everybody else?
  • So many targets, so little time!
  • Line up, little children!
  • Let worms feast on this one!
  • There are still more of 'em!

Under fire

  • They seem so upset!
  • They are trying to take me out!
  • I'll take some down with me!
  • Should I die, another shall arise.
  • This pain is nothing!

Low on health

  • I can't kill if I'm dead!
  • I'm in too close!
  • Don't let 'em take me down!
  • My time is running out!


  • Natasha's unit profile mentions theories that Natasha is not a single person. One of her under fire quotes, "Should I die, another shall arise." may support this as well.
  • Natasha's ability to call in airstrikes is very similar to Boris' air-strike ability, only it targets all enemy vehicles and structures.
    • Also, her special ability to snipe the crew of enemy vehicles enabling their capture is inspired by Jarmen Kell's own special ability.
  • For the purpose of the game, even units like aircraft carriers, which should be operated by a crew, can be emptied by Natasha in one shot. The same also applies for the unmanned FutureTank X-1.
  • If a loaded APC unit, like a Riptide ACV, gets its pilot sniped out, all passengers will quit the vehicle immediately, even when it's moving through water.
  • Natasha's sniper rifle is similar to the real SVD Dragunov, except it has a different scope, is blockier, and is lacking an ejection port.
  • Natasha was set to be a cameo in the EA game MySims SkyHeroes, which has many cameos from other EA games such as Dragon Age, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Army of Two, and Medal of Honor. However, Natasha and Faith, from Mirror's Edge were cut from the game during production. Visit Natasha's page on the MySims Wiki, here.
  • Her surname is the feminine form of Volkov's name, implying that she's a homage to him.


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  2. Red Alert 3: Uprising, Challenge Mode, Scavenger
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