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Gen1 Nationalism Icon.jpg

Gen China Logo.png China
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
C nuke.png Tsing Shi Tao

Gen China Logo.png Leang
Research cost $2000
Research time 1:00
Hot key N
Nationalism will bring us victory!
- Red Guards freshly infused with national fervor

Nationalism is an upgrade for the Chinese military. PLA commanders may invest in nationalistic indoctrination for $2000 at the Propaganda Center. Once upgraded, units that receive the Horde Bonus will get a further 25% rate of fire boost.

When Nationalism is researched, affected units gain a golden ring around the red star visible under regular Horded units.


The icon used is actually the flag of the Chinese Communist Party Youth League, China's equivalent to the Soviet Komsomol.

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