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For other uses, see Naval yard.

The naval yard is an Allied ship construction and maintenance facility during the Second World War.


The Naval Yard builds and launches all Allied naval vessels. Damaged sea craft docked at the Naval Yard can be repaired. Building multiple Naval Yards decreases the amount of time required to create a naval vessel.
- Red Alert manual(src)

The naval yard is a structure built on pillars embedded in the seabed that combines the facilities of shipyards, dry docks and naval commands. Built exclusively by the Allies, these large platforms were capable of building, repairing and maintaining vast fleets of naval vessels, ranging from small gunboats through destroyers to even the mighty cruisers.

The design was very simplistic, allowing for quick setting up of a fully operational naval base unlike its counterpart, the submarine pen. After the war, while focus shifted to larger, stationary shipyards, such easily set up naval yards continued to be in use.

It was replaced by the naval shipyard during the Third World War.

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Removed cutscene of a cruiser built in a naval yard (found in beta build 0.09c)

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