Naval yard (Red Alert 3)

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RA3 Naval Yard Icons.png Naval Yard
CNCRA3 Naval Yard.jpg
Internal name SovietNavalYard
Affiliation RA3 USSR logo.png Soviet Union
Role Naval production
Tier 2
Hit points 3200
Armor type BaseFactionStructureArmor (0% Melee, 0% Sniper, 100% Gun, 50% Auto Cannon, 100% Flak, 100% Rocket, 100% Cannon, 100% Concussive, 100% Prism, 100% Tesla, 125% Explosive, 0% Radiation)
Amphibious No
Cost 1000
Build time 0:20
Produced by Construction yard
Requires Ore refinery
Hotkey F5
Sight range
  • 150 (vision)
  • 500 (shroud clearing range)
Power -50
25px-Disambig.png For the disambiguation page, see Naval yard

The Naval Yard was a structure used by the Soviet Union to construct naval vessels during the Third World War.


Produced vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Cost Build time
RA3 Soviet Ore Collector Icons.png Ore collector none 1400 0:20
RA3 Sputnik Icons.png Sputnik none 1200 0:20
RA3 Stingray Icons.png Stingray none 1000 0:10
RA3 Bullfrog Icons.png Bullfrog none 900 0:10
RA3 Akula Submarine Icons.png Akula submarine Super reactor 1800 0:20
RA3 Dreadnought Icons.png Dreadnought Battle lab 2000 0:30
RA3 Soviet MCV Icons.png MCV none 5000 1:00

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