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A Soviet force has holed up in a small town, threatening to kill a hostage every 5 minutes until their demands are met. We do not negotiate with terrorists -- explain this to them.
Locate the hostages, free as many of them as you can, and get them safely to a nearby abandoned Church. Once done, return to your drop-off point, signal for reinforcements, and finish off the Soviet forces.
- Mission briefing

Negotiations is the fifth Allied mission in the Aftermath expansion.


At the start of the mission, Tanya is dispatched to the peninsula as a starting point. Bring her to the east side of the coast and kill a rocket launcher attempting to attack her. However, you cannot pass through the flame turret guarding the path. To remove this, detonate two SAM Sites, allowing the Longbows to destroy the turret. Remove the infantry presence and proceed to the small village area on far right. 

When you see two Soviet infantries shooting down the house, kill both of them, then a civilian will exit and gratefully will lead you to the north. You must follow him. As the Soviet patrol is seen approaching, follow the civilian walking behind the trees as a hiding spot. Once the patrol leaves, the civilian will say "okay" and proceed northward. Keep following him until he passes through the crumbled bridge. The jail area will be revealed but the Soviet executioner escapes just as Tanya arrives. The civilian sacrifices himself to destroy the prison using explosive barrels, freeing the surviving hostages. The hostages will be following you until you bring them to the church back in the village.

However, Soviet attack dogs, infantries and grenadiers arrive. Use the barrel below to kill the patrol. Then, a Chinook arrives and lands on the surrounding barrels, unloading five of shock troopers. Quickly detonate the barrel after the unload to burn them alive. There are two paths that will lead to safety: the topmost plateau and the path where you have passed. Use the top part of the map to evade the remaining patrollers with Soviet Heavy Tanks.

After you rescue them to the church, signal reinforcements at the starting point. The Allied units will be para-dropped and stepped into the picture from the west, including an Allied Demolition Truck and a couple Medium tanks. Use your forces to finish off the Soviet presence in the battle, including the executioner in the topmost part of the area.


  • The first hostage's execution may be nearly impossible to be prevented under the first five minutes when Tanya reaches the Soviet base.


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