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The Nerve Center is a Scrin building that allows their Foremen access to the more advanced weapons in the Scrin arsenal, similar to the the GDI Command Post and the Nod Operations Center.


Required for advanced alien bases, the Nerve Center can do everything from networking with distant alien forces to calling lightning spike to help defend a base.[1]

Game building

The Nerve Center unlocks the second tier of units and structures. It allows the production of the Devourer Tank and Corrupter from the Warp Sphere, and also allows construction of the Technology Assembler and Gravity Stabilizer from a Drone Platform or Foundry.

In addition, the structure allows the use of three support powers: The Swarm, Lightning Spike, and Tiberium vibration scan. In Kane's Wrath, two additional support powers, Ichor Seed and Infestation, are also made available after building the structure.

Upgrades provided

Support powers provided

Role in campaign

On one occasion, Nod captured one of these structures in order to gain the necessary codes for a Threshold tower.


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  • The term "nerve center" can mean "a source of leadership, organization, control, or energy". However, considering the organic appearance of the structure, its name may actually be literal.


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