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The Nerve Center is a Scrin building that allows their Foremen access to the more advanced weapons in the Scrin arsenal, similar to the the GDI Command Post and the Nod Operations Center.

Upgrades provided

Icon Upgrade Description
CNCKW Attenuated Forcefields Cameo.png Attenuated Forcefields This upgrade bestows a small defensive shield onto Seekers, Gun Walkers, and Shard Walkers. It costs $2000 and takes 1:00 to research (Ctrl+A).

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCKW Ichor Seed Cameo.png Ichor Seed Additional Tiberium can be seeded down directly onto the ground, returning an excellent investment of $3150 on the $1000 needed to activate this power. Ichor Seed takes 3:20 to recharge.
CNCTW Lightning Spike Power Cameo.png Lightning Spike Scrin Foremen can summon a Lightning Spike structure that arcs deadly bolts of energy at opponents. A Lightning Spike costs $1500 and takes 2:00 to recharge.
CNCKW Infestation Cameo.png Infestation The designated Tiberium field is infested with a menacing hive that damages all units, friendly or foe, that enter the Tiberium field. Infestation costs $1000 and takes 2:00 to recharge.
CNCTW Tiberium Vibration Scan Cameo.png Tiberium Vibration Scan Tiberium Vibration Scan allows the detection of all Tiberium-based lifeforms and structures on the entire map, including human Refineries and Harvesters. It costs $300 and takes 1:00 to recharge.
CNCTW The Swarm Cameo.png The Swarm 5 vicious Buzzers can be summoned anywhere to slaughter enemy infantry. This power costs $1500 and takes 2:30 to recharge.


The Nerve Center unlocks the second tier of units and structures. It allows the production of the Devourer Tank and Corrupter from the Warp Sphere, and also allows construction of the Technology Assembler and Gravity Stabilizer from a Drone Platform or Foundry.

In addition, the structure allows the use of three support powers: The Swarm, Lightning Spike, and Tiberium vibration scan. In Kane's Wrath, two additional support powers, Ichor Seed and Infestation, are also made available after building the structure.

Role in campaign

On one occasion, Nod captured one of these structures in order to gain the necessary codes for a Threshold tower.



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