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Neutron Shells are a Chinese upgrade to the Nuke Cannon. These munitions instantly kill infantry, including those in garrisoned structures and vehicles. However, the structures and vehicles affected will remain intact due to the payload relying on neutron radiation, lacking any fissile material. The lack of fallout allows infantry to safely move in and take control of the vehicles. Neutron shells fired from a Nuke Cannon have the same blast radius as the atomic shells.

Neutron Shells were developed following the Battle of Akmola and soon entered service with the PLA. They were used often in the campaign against the GLA in Germany, as they leave no dangerous radiation. PLA commanders may acquire them for use on the battlefield for $2500 from the Nuclear Missile Silo.


  • While commonly thought to leave property intact, in reality, a neutron weapon would severely damage, if not outright destroy anything caught within its blast radius as it is a fission-fusion (thermonuclear or H-bomb) device, and any vehicles caught within its blast that remained intact would be irradiated for several days, rendering any possibility of use moot. Modern tank armor has also increased in thickness and improved in radiation shielding to the point that detonating such a device in close proximity to pass through the shielding would yield the same effects as the blast from the nuclear explosion of the neutron weapon itself.

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