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Neutron Shells are a Chinese upgrade to the Nuke Cannon in Zero Hour.

Game effect[]

Once purchased, all Nuke Cannons can freely switch between Nuclear and Neutron Shells, the latter of which exhibit the following properties:

  • On hit, Neutron Shells do minuscule damage to vehicles and structures. However, all infantry caught in their AOE are killed, including those garrisoned in structures and Tunnel networks. Affected vehicles' crew are also killed, leaving them neutral until another infantry unit commandeers it. As with all artillery units, they indiscriminately affect all targets.
  • They share their blast radius with Nuclear Shells, but leave no fallout. Once the initial blast ends, vehicles and infantry can move through the area safely provided if the Nuke Cannon does not strike the same area again while they do so.


  • While commonly thought to leave property intact, in reality, a neutron weapon would severely damage, if not outright destroy anything caught within its blast radius as it is a fission-fusion (thermonuclear or H-bomb) device, and any vehicles caught within its blast that remained intact would be irradiated for several days, complicating or eliminating the possibility of appropriating them. Modern tank armor has also increased in thickness and improved in radiation shielding to the point that detonating such a device in close enough proximity to pass through the shielding would yield the same effects as the blast from the nuclear explosion of the neutron weapon itself.

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