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New Construction Options
Previous Sick and Dying
Orca Heist
Next No Mercy
Part of First Tiberium War
Location Kinshasa, Zaire
Nod strategic victory
CNCR GDILogo.png Unknown
Game Command & Conquer
  • Acquire engineers to capture the abandoned GDI base
  • Selling the Construction Yard provides sufficient funds
Mission Transcript
CNCR NodLogo.png The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.
Since we are low on troops, you will have to make use of all available resources. Locate the abandoned GDI base in the area and restore it to operational status. Once that is done, use GDI's own weapons against them. Be sure that no GDI forces remain alive.
- Mission briefing

New Construction Options is the eighth mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn.[1]


Despite Seth intentionally misinforming his subordinate, the commander was able to complete all the missions he had been assigned to. Fearing for his own position in the Brotherhood, Seth transferred the commander's troop to the United States for a suicidal assault of the Pentagon. However, Kane found out about Seth's plans and executed him personally.

Having taken personal command of the promising African campaign, Kane recalled the commander's forces from America. In the meantime, GDI forces had began a counter-offensive, landing in Egypt and Morocco, and contesting Nod over Zaire. Nod found itself critically short of manpower and supplies, and Kane decided to send those few soldiers he could spare into Zaire to repel the GDI invasion.


Undersupplied, Nod forces first recovered an deprecated Nod base near Kinshasa, and then launched an airborne assault on a GDI base across the river. After taking over the GDI base, Nod uses GDI's own weaponry to destroy a second larger GDI base in the area and eliminated all remaining GDI forces.


With GDI's northwards offensive halted Nod turned it's attention to reconquering Egypt

Nod occupied the entirety of Zaire and turned its attention to Egypt, which GDI forces had recently re-invaded.

Demo variant

The six-mission demo for Command & Conquer includes a variant of the B version this mission. In the demo version, a land bridge exists between the area holding the Nod base and the rest of the maps, reducing the mission's difficulty. The player also starts with four additional Flamethrowers.


  • At the time, Kane did not want to attack the United States directly, as such an attack would have been suicidal. However, the Pentagon would indeed come under Nod attack during the Third Tiberium War.
  • By transferring credits from the previous mission, it is possible to retain both the Nod Construction Yard and take over the GDI base, granting the player access to both Nod and GDI technology from the start of the mission on (this applies to the original game only and not remastered).


NOD 8A - New Construction Options (Zaire West)
NOD 8B - New Construction Options (Zaire East)


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