New Eden





Low Tiberium contamination (2047)
Overrun by Tiberium (2052)


Blue Zone (2047)
Red Zone (2052)



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Tiberium Wars

New Eden is a part of Germany that was reclaimed from Tiberium with Sonic Resonators.


The region of New Eden was designed by Elias Caruso, who intended for it to be flagship of a renewed environmental reclamation effort. It was the first blue zone to be reclaimed from a yellow zone using sonic technology. Since then it has become a hub of Tiberium research and economic prosperity. The cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Berne were considered to be part of the New Eden blue zone. Tiberium in the region was either stored inside GDI's military and civilian Tiberium silos or were contained within their deposits by a sonic resonator fence.

Storyline summary

New Eden was viciously assaulted by the Scrin at the start of their invasion during the Third Tiberium War. First, the Invaders launched an attack on München, Germany, quickly overrunning GDI defenses in the area. A brave GDI commander marshaled the remaining GDI forces to stave off Alien attacks on GDI scientists. During the attack, GDI managed to reactivate the sonic disruptors built in Munich, demonstrating the awesome lethality the disruptors had on the Scrin.

Later, the commander assisted Lt. Fullerton, an elite commando and the ranking officer of the GDI base in Stuttgart, in retaking the base in Stuggart, by rallying the scattered GDI Forces, as well as once again taking advantage of sonic disruptors.

Then, GDI struck back in Cologne, with another commando (perhaps Lt. Fullerton), leading the charge. After scouting the Alien structures and retaking the Cologne power grid, GDI destroyed the Scrin command center, ending the threat to Cologne.

Finally, the Scrin were pushed out of the Northern European Blue Zone by a GDI offensive in Bern. In a hard-fought battle, three Scrin bases in Bern were destroyed, and various reports suggest that a Scrin Mothership was also shot down.

However, the victory proved to be short lived, as the damage done to the Eden area and the resonator project was too severe and by 2052, the New Eden was claimed by an ever expanding North European Tiberium field.

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