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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


New Mexico is a US state that is surrounded by Texas in the east with Oklahoma, Colorado Springs in the north, Arizona in the west and Mexico in the south.

Second Tiberium War

During Nod's war against the Global Defense Initiative, General Vega put General Tao to death after his capture near Phoenix, Arizona; shoftly after James Solomon was taunted by the Supreme Nod Commander Kane. After his victory at Phoenix Base  McNeil rescued some civilians in San Simon, Arizona before he killed the Nod Commander and eliminated his base in order to help secure Arizona for the GDI.

Michael McNeil was then sent to sieze the next lot of territory from Nod forces which was New Mexico. But Nod had just crashed a Scrin ship into the ground near Hobbs in New Mexico, causing McNeil to have to secure the crash site before capturing the Nod Technology Center in the area in order to recover any artefacts retrived from the crash site.

A defense by GDI kept all Nod forces away from the crash site with the Nod Commander leading the assault being killed along with his men and the GDI found out about how Tratos had been captured. The battle between Michael McNeil and Umagon led to a deal in which the GDI were to rescue the Forgotten leader from his imprisonment at a Nod medical colony in Mexico.

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