New York City (Tiberium)
New York in 2074
New York in 2074

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Extreme Tiberium contamination (2074)


Red Zone Ruins

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Tiberian Twilight motion comic

New York City is a major North American city whose ruins feature in the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.


Once one of the most important cities in North America, New York was not spared from the Tiberium outbreak. Over the years, this once lush Blue Zone was overrun by the alien crystal, which thrived. The Manhattan island became covered with green crystals, which grew to monstrous proportions, as tall as the tallest skyscrapers in the city.[1]

For some reason, GDI decided to place one of its top secret databanks in the New York Public Library Main Branch. A possible explanation is that no one would look for their data in such a god-forsaken place.[1]

Storyline development

Christian Pierce is deployed to the city by Gideon to enter the library and capture the data bank. The city looks even worse on the ground, with Tiberium crystals everywhere. There is also a large GDI presence at the New York Public Library, complete with entrenched defenses.



New York City appears in the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.

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Tiberian Twilight motion comic
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