No Match for the Guardian
Unit Unlocked

Spectrum Tower


1 vs 1


The Final Countdown


Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed

No Match for the Guardian is the thirty-sixth mission before Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed against another of Douglas Hill's Allies, Lydia Winters. Douglas Hill says to the Futuretech Commander that his base is well protected by his newest defense line of Spectrum Towers. This battle takes place after the Proton Collider was taken in The Final Countdown mission.


In Chad for the challenge mission No Match for the Guardian, Douglas Hill has the Spectrum Tower and a tank battle in this African country is perfect against FutureTech. The Commander decides to prove him wrong over this. He smashes through the field reaching the enemy base with fierce resistance in the middle, but takes the Spectrum Tower with him at Hill's base and destroys it. Douglas Hill was left defeated like in Canada where his opponent stole the Pacifier FAV from him before Hill retreated down to Zaire to join for another challenge against two Commanders: both Oleg Vodnik and Takara Sato.

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