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I wrote the book on tank tactics, boy. Pay attention, cause you're about to learn what it takes to be a real commander.
- Douglas Hill

No Match for the Guardian is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge.


Try to image, if you will, a battlefield -nay, a world - in which you had ample resources with which to build many, many tanks in order to defeat rival commanders attempting to do the same, in a grand tournament set on an island arena. Our greatest tacticians often say that the tank battle is the essence of modern warfare, and so this territory was created in order to test that theory in a very literal way. We are curious to see how you will fare.


In Chad for the challenge mission No Match for the Guardian, Douglas Hill has the Spectrum Tower and a tank battle in this African country is perfect against FutureTech. The Commander decides to prove him wrong over this. He smashes through the field reaching the enemy base with fierce resistance in the middle, but takes the Spectrum Tower with him at Hill's base and destroys it. Douglas Hill was left defeated like in Canada where his opponent stole the Pacifier FAV from him before Hill retreated down to Zaire to join for another challenge against two Commanders: both Oleg Vodnik and Takara Sato.


  • For this challenge, the Soviets are your best bet here as the way they tech up is straightforward.
  • Follow this build order: Reactor > Refinery > War Factory > Super Reactor > Refinery.
  • Set your War Factory's rally point straight to the enemy's base that way, you can pump out Hammer Tank after Hammer Tank straight to their base.
  • For maximum effect, spam the Hammer Tank's special ability by pressing the F key. This will allow the Hammer Tanks to deal the most damage. Do this with all other targets.
  • This strategy guarantees that you'd beat this challenge under par time.


  • The name of this mission is a reference to one of the Scorpion Tank's quotes from Tiberium Wars, "No match for the Scorpion!".
  • The name of the challenge may also refer the fact the player's tanks are against nothing but Guardian Tanks.
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