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No Place To Hide is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.


This is where many of the Allies' spies-in-training practice the arts of disguise, infiltration, bribing, swimming, smooth-talking, bowtie-tying, and more. Luckily for you, weapons training isn't part of the regimen, so if you play your cards right, it should be no trobule for you to wipe all those smug looks off of their faces. Be sure to do the same to Comander Giles, their supervising officer. We should be able to gain considerable insight into the Allies' spy network as a result of this particular operation.

Strategies and notes[]

  • The player starts with three of their faction's respective frontline infantry (Allied Peacekeepers, Soviet Conscripts or Rising Sun Imperial warriors).
  • After a short amount of time elapses, Giles will periodically send two Spies disguised as the player's frontline infantry and sends them towards the player's base via the river.
  • The player should always have several infantry scout units (Attack Dog, War Bear or Burst drone) around their structures to detect and kill disguised Spies.
  • Giles will train small infantry troops of Peacekeepers, Javelin soldiers and Attack Dogs, though they are namely used for escorting Engineers to capture the Oil derrick structures.
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