No Place To Hide is a mission in the Commander's Challenge. It's the eighteenth mission after the Number One Threat To America situation against Oleg Vodnik and before chasing down Kenji's Striker VXs. After saying that the Commander wasn't seen from before since the challenge, Out of the Blue, Giles Price attempts to sabotage the FutureTech base on the other side of the battlefield. For the Futuretech Commander, the player has to go around the battlefield bypassing civilian structures or he can use the beach to reach Giles' base.

His tiredness did succeed after all as the opponent's Spies were dead and the base was destroyed.


The Player is ordered to defeated commander Giles from the Allies in Great Britain. When Giles Price is defeated, the player aqquired the Spy Technology When Giles is defeated, he said that his defeat was a bit embarrassing and said to the player that this victory is not the last where he shows up

Briefing Information

  • Teams: 1 vs. 1
  • Enemies: Giles Price
  • Tech Unlocked: Spy
  • Next challenge unlocked: Creeping Death
  • Location: Great Britain
  • Map: Killington Cove
  • A.I behavior: Normal allied arsenal, with the extra use of spies to annoy the player. A.I uses a lot of infantry in the early game, then switches to vehicles and more spies.

Under par Tactics

Rush route

Best route for the rush tactic, Yellow is for infantry

Location rush tactic

Location for the barracks (rush tactic)

When you are starting this mission, pack up your Mobile construction vehicle (Red Alert 3) and move it towards the other side of the map. When using the Dojo rush, build 4 Instant dojos and rush them to the other side of the river (best spot is the red ring). When you're arrived at the destination start building infantry from the barracks and/or the instant dojos. Get one scout to deal with the spies's disguise and rush the enemy base, destroying the factories/barracks first, then the Construction Yard. Then deal with the rest of the base. If you are in need of money, sell the construction yard to get some additional cash to fund your infantry

Note: Spies will infiltrate the buildings you build, when this happens, sell them or don't use them. Keep at least one building standing or otherwise you will be defeated. It is also possible for the enemy spies to use the "Bribe" ability, taking away your own units. Keep an eye out for spies, by using scouts and/or other tools to make spies visible

This rush tactic should work for all the factions playable in the Challenge mode.

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