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This is it -- the final confrontation! The Soviets have nowhere to run now. The only thing that remains is to topple the Soviet seat of power. Destroy everything to make sure that no one takes Stalin's place. No sorrow. No pity. No remorse.
- Mission briefing

No Remorse is the fourteenth and final Allied mission in Red Alert where the Allied Forces finally invade Moscow and kill Joseph Stalin, bringing an end to Second World War.[2]


Get going and give Stalin hell! We will see you in Moscow!
- Gunter von Esling

Europe has by this time been liberated. With the Allies' invasion of the Soviet Union successful, the Soviets were being hemmed in from all sides and confined around the Moscow area. Because of this individual's performance throughout the war, Field Marshal Gunther von Esling and General Nikos Stavros selected Field Commander A9 to spearhead the Allied assault on Moscow, the Soviets' last stronghold, and to find and arrest Premier Joseph Stalin. The commander was also authorized to use the Chronosphere, however Stavros warned the commander to be wary of any side effects of using it too much.

New units[]

  • Chronosphere
  • Thief


The first phase of this mission requires you to steal credits from an enemy outpost located north of the starting position, so you start off with Tanya and two thieves. There is a silo in clear sight that can be used to steal but it is surrounded by barrels and a single Soviet grenadier will ignite the barrels destroying it. Keep the silo in tact, but stay away from the direct entrance as a Tesla Coil will fry your three infantry. You have to move Tanya and the thieves extremely fast away from the barrels if not you will lose them.

Fight your way to the back entrance and destroy the power plants there so you can get to the silos easily. A supply truck will try to flee but if you can destroy it and get the crate, you'll trigger the next event. Enemy reinforcements will come in the form of infantry but Tanya can pick them off easily. If you can't get the supply truck then, you'll find it much later.

Once you steal the credits or get the crate from the supply truck, reinforcements will arrive from the north which will include lots of armour, and an MCV. There are two ways to deploy your MCV. One is at the position where it arrived, or the location of the Soviet outpost at the start. Before deploying the MCV and after you have stolen the credits from the outpost, have Tanya plant C4 charges on all their buildings except the silos, or the enemy will sell all the structures and you'll have to deal with a lot of infantry. This is to prevent you from taking control of the structures.

Unlike the past missions where you have her, Tanya Adams is expendable in this mission so if she dies during the course of the mission, you will not lose the mission, but it would be advantageous to try to keep her alive as much as possible. The Soviets will fly strafing runs on her with Yaks so if you can protect her in an APC or put her close to AA, you will have her available. Build many medium tanks and longbows to deal with the Mammoth tanks and the V2s.

There are two large bases the Soviets have with one that can be taken out easily. The enemy will sell all the buildings if the Construction Yard, Ore Refinery, Barracks, and War Factory are destroyed. It is close to a body of water and with the Chronosphere, if you can get a cruiser on the water, you can easily take down the enemy base with a single cruiser.

As stated before. the Chronosphere will be available to you after the tech center is built, as well as the ability to train additional thieves. Despite having plenty of ore in the mission, taking additional credits from the Soviets will be advantageous to quickly build up a powerful attack force, and slow down their production. The best target is a small facility across the shallow water. There is a single Silo in there that is ripe for the picking. Taking the credits there will severely cripple their ability to fight you and if you can get a team of thieves to the larger base on the other side of the map and steal their credits, you will have enough credits to build a very large attack force and win the mission. The Chronosphere would also be useful in chronoshifting Crusiers to destroy the enemy positions and their coastal base. However the enemy will use the Iron Curtain against you. They also have a missile silo at their large base - no matter what difficulty you set the game at, you will get nuked. This will happen close to end of the mission, and if you have your Chronosphere built, they will drop their nuke on it so keep it away from important buildings. You will also get constant air attacks against you so make sure your base has lots of well-placed AA batteries, especially if they are targeting your Chronosphere.

Be ready to defend your base constantly as the Soviets will be relentless. Identifying choke points to your base early will give you the upper edge in defending it.

As per caution at the briefing, using the Chronosphere too frequently would not be advisable as you could have a Chrono vortex appear at a random area on the map.

The mission is completed when all Soviet units and structures are destroyed or captured.


As the Allied forces moved to the Kremlin, three Allied soldiers entered a destroyed bunker with Stalin buried underneath the rubble, just with his head uncovered. Just as the soldiers were about to arrest him, the Allied second-in-command General Stavros arrived on the scene.

He persuaded the soldiers to leave him and Stalin. In an act of revenge for the Soviets' savage destruction of Greece, Stavros personally gagged Stalin and moved a huge concrete slab over him, thus completely burying him, and left the bunker.



Briefing and ending cutscenes
Allied assault on Moscow (mission start cutscene)


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