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CnCTD N64 cover.png The following is based on the missions of Tiberian Dawn Nintendo 64 edition and might contradict canon.
GDI has a P.O.W. camp in the area, which is using a nearby village to support it. Destroy the GDI base, the civilian village - everything. Free the prisoners in the area if possible, avenge them if not. Our commando has gained us nuclear capability - let the winds of death rage.
- Mission briefing

The N64 version of Command & Conquer came with four additional missions, all of which were ported to Command & Conquer: Remastered. This is the second and the last Nod mission in the group.[1]


The player starts out with a small army with an MCV. Build up the base and capture the GDI conyard to the east. Then get mammoth tanks and artillery to stop the GDI attacks. Get a temple of nod to nuke the Advanced communications center to stop the Ion cannon strikes. DO NOT BUILD OBELISKS UNTIL THE ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS CENTER IS TAKEN OUT OR GDI WILL USE ION CANNONS TO DESTROY THEM NONSTOP. After the nuke is used sell the temple and get mammoth tanks to wipe out GDI. GDI will have 4 Orcas but with too many mammoth tanks the Orcas will fall. Free the prisoners but if not avenge them by destroying the GDI base.


N64 playthrough
Nod '99 Special Ops M2


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