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A list of some of the Nod Arsenal found in Tiberium Alliances.

Laser fence

The Laser Fence is a Nod anti-infantry obstacle in Tiberium Alliances. The laser fence, along with the anti-tank barrier, slows down and damages passing units.

Command center

The Command Center generates command points which can be used on assaults. Upgrading the command center lets the commander have a larger military force. Players can not upgrade units to a level higher than that of the command center.

Hand of Nod

The Hand of Nod allows training of Nod offense infantry. In addition, upgrading it will reduce the time it takes to repair offensive infantry units. Certain powerful infantry units such as Confessors require a high level Hand of Nod to be deployed.

War factory

25px-Disambig.png For other War factories, see War factory.

The war factory is a production structure in Tiberium Alliances. It enables the construction and repair of vehicles. Upgrading the war factory improves repair efficiency.


The airport is a Nod building that allows for the production and repair of aircraft. As the airport is upgraded after each level, the repair time for all aircraft units decreases.

Trade center

The trade center is a Forgotten building in Tiberium Alliances. It provides credits to the player that destroys them, which can be used in conjunction with research to buy new units.

Missile silo

The missile silo is a Nod building cut from Tiberium Alliances. The coding in the game suggested the possibility of an atomic bomb support which could decimate an enemy base with a nuke.

The structure bears heavy resemblance to a deployed Nod Offense Crawler.

Tech center

The Nod tech center is a building cut from Tiberium Alliances. Not much is known about the purpose of this structure, since its niche has already been fulfilled with upgrades to the production buildings and the defense facility.

Dummy structure

The dummy structure is a Nod building cut from Tiberium Alliances. It was to be a decoy building, serving to confusing the attacking player into thinking that it is a vital building.

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