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Behold, our hero! The one whose loyalty and courage made our dreams of Ascension... a reality!
- Kane

The Nod Commander, also known as the "Legendary Insurgent", is the player character in the Brotherhood of Nod campaign of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Proving himself to be Kane's most loyal and prodigious battle commander during the events of the Third Tiberium War, the Insurgent would lead the forces of the Brotherhood to victory against both the Global Defense Initiative and the extraterrestrial Scrin in several of the conflict's pivotal battles; including Washington, D.C., Brazil, Eastern Europe, Australia, and Italy. Following the end of the war, he was made part of Kane's Inner Circle and is believed to have "Ascended" alongside him.


So you're the one everyone's been talking about. The Legendary Insurgent...
- Ajay and the Insurgent first meet each other in North Carolina's Yellow Zone

Information on the Insurgent was classified to protect him from GDI moles and rival Nod commanders, with his file only being accessible to the highest echelons of the Brotherhood. What little is known is that unlike many other Nod officers, who were loyal to Kane in word but not always in deed, the Insurgent was renowned throughout the Brotherhood for his tactical brilliance and unwavering devoutness to his prophet. He had a reputation among Nod's forces for never backing down in his battles with GDI—not even in the face of nearly impossible odds. Where his brothers fled, he stood his ground, and where they faltered, he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat; and few among the Brotherhood's militias showed a greater morale than those who fought under his leadership. In these respects, the Insurgent was reminiscent of an earlier Nod military genius, Anton Slavik, and Kane treated him as such. The famed Nod commander earned himself the alias of "Legendary Insurgent" during the Great Rio Insurrection, where as a young man he played an instrumental role in restoring the Brotherhood to a global power in the wake of the Firestorm Crisis.[1] The Insurgent went on to initiate the Third Tiberium War against GDI, as Kane granted him the privilege of personally launching the nuclear warhead that annihilated the GDSS Philadelphia.[2]

Third Tiberium War

Taking Washington DC

You, my son, your faith never waned. Not at Honduras or in Jericho, not in the Great Rio Insurrection! You risked your life countless times to topple GDI. To perpetuate our cause. To honor my name.
- Kane extols his faithful servant

His talents nor his faith went unnoticed, as the Inner Circle recalled the Insurgent to Temple Prime immediately following Kane's public re-appearance. After being briefed by general Kilian Qatar, the Insurgent met his prophet in person for the first time. Kane expressed his appreciation for his follower's unchanging loyalty, and gave him a chance to truly make his mark on history by commanding the first strike that would spark the Third Tiberium War against GDI.

The Insurgent was then sent to America, where he was briefed by Ajay, a Nod intelligence officer who grew to respect and envy the Insurgent. The Commander was sent on a mission to destroy Goddard Space Center, the hub of GDI's A-SAT missile shield. Quickly launching a surprise attack, the Commander reduced the A-SAT control building to wreckage. Kane rewarded his tactical brilliancy by allowing him to personally launch the nuclear missile which destroyed the now defenseless GDSS Philadelphia.

Following the destruction of the Philadelphia, Nod immediately launched pre-emptive strikes on all major GDI-controlled territories in the world, with the Insurgent being sent to Blue Zone B-2, where Washington DC was located. As the Pentagon was the sole GDI CENTCOM building remaining active, this was an important mission. The Insurgent razed Andrews Air Force Base to the ground, captured the Hampton Roads Shipyard and had Nod's forces occupy the White House itself, while routing all GDI reinforcement columns north of the city.

In what seemed to be an inexplicable decision at the time, Kane then suddenly rotated the Insurgent out of the Washington DC Blue Zone, and the coup de grace against the Global Defense Initiative, the assault on the Pentagon, was placed under the command of a less capable Nod officer.

Protecting the Liquid Tiberium components

Brazilian campaign

The Insurgent then was sent to Brazil, to defend a research facility constructing something of great importance to Kane. Kilian had reservations once she learned that the device was part of a Liquid Tiberium Bomb, shocked that Kane wouldn't tell her. By this time, GDI had begun a counterattack, first retaking Washington, then pushing Nod out of the Blue Zones. The Commander was then tasked with destroying GDI artillery positions on the Atlantic Coast, in order to allow the export of the bomb components. Even with a GDI Aircraft carrier anchored offshore and providing aid to ground forces in the area, Nod troops secured a safe route out of Brazil.

Siege of Temple Prime

The Commander then returned to Eastern Europe, to ensure the safe transport of the bomb components to Sarajevo. Though the Armageddon carrying the device was shot down in Slovenia, the Commander's troops salvaged it and transported it past a GDI blockade. It arrived at the besieged Temple Prime.

At this time, Kilian Qatar personally requested that the Commander abandon his mission, as Temple Prime was now the focus of GDI retaliation, and as she saw it, a lost cause. Worse, Kane withheld vital reinforcements from Kilian's troops at Ayers Rock in order to defend Temple Prime. Ajay saw to it that the communications were disrupted, and the Commander managed to sneak the device past the GDI force and into the Temple.

The Siege of Temple Prime was one of the bloodiest battles of the war, and once the bomb components were in place, the Insurgent was tasked with protecting the base until Nod Science Ministers had assembled the Liquid Tiberium Bomb. The Insurgent managed to rally his troops, holding his own against the GDI invasion force for quite some time. The reinforcements diverted from Australia arrived in time to bomb the GDI base into oblivion. These troops were at first thought to be spurred on by Kilian, but later revealed to be LEGION sent by Alexa Kovacs to discredit Kilian, whom Alexa distrusts. Whether the Commander ever learned of this is unknown, but these renegade troops immediately demanded the surrender of Temple Prime. The Commander slaughtered the traitors and Kane then instructed him to go to Kilian's forces in Australia.

Second in Command

Battles Down Under

Mere days after the Insurgent was sent away, Temple Prime was destroyed by a GDI Ion Cannon strike, and Kane appeared to be dead. Worse, the blast detonated the Liquid Tiberium Bomb, wiping out Nod forces in Eastern Europe. Kilian Qatar assumed control of Nod, and immediately set to work rebuilding. First, she ordered the Commander to take an elite division of Nod troops into the outback and hijack GDI's nuclear weapons.

While the Insurgent was successful, a new threat emerged, the alien Scrin. Kilian made an uneasy alliance with the GDI to protect Sydney, and later evacuate it once the aliens set up a base. However, Kane reappeared once again. He ordered the Commander to nuke Sydney, then had him capture Kilian. After executing her for treason, Kane appointed the Insurgent as his Second in Command. He revealed that what had occurred was exactly according to his plan, and that the objective was not to defeat GDI, but to capture a Scrin Threshold.

Italian campaign

Nod forces advanced on Italy, venturing deep into the inhospitable Red Zone in order to capture a tower for Kane. First, the Insurgent defended and secured a plant manufacturing specialized Catalyst Missiles, which were extremely damaging to the Tiberium-based Scrin. Then, he captured a control node, gaining the access codes needed to capture a Gateway. In a military excursion codenamed Operation Stiletto, the Insurgent led a small force against substantially larger GDI and Scrin armies, whose battle endangered the Thresholds. The General successfully used the might of the two armies against each other, capturing or destroying every non-Brotherhood unit on the battlefield. Finally, the final test was at hand. Ajay, who had become disenfranchised after Kilian's death, wished a profitable future to the General but no longer envied the impossible task he had before him. Ajay abandoned his duties and was presumably executed for treason. Against a massive GDI assault force, the Insurgent dug in and defended the last remaining Threshold. Destroying the GDI presence in what formerly was the Mediterranean Coast, the Commander secured the Tower for Kane.

Returning to Australia, Kane was pleased that the secrets held within the tower were within the Brotherhood's grasp, and as he led the Commander to a meeting of the Inner Circle, he announced to the members: "Behold! Our hero! The one whose loyalty and courage made our dreams of Ascension... a reality!"


In large part due to the Insurgent's heroic efforts against both the Global Defense Initiative and the extraterrestrial Scrin during the Third Tiberium War, the conflict resulted in Kane's strategic victory, and he was made a member of the Inner Circle over his monumental achievement. If the Legendary Insurgent survived the Fourth Tiberium War, it can be safely assumed that he "Ascended" alongside his prophet.


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