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Deployed Crawler.

Nod Offense Class Crawler. Unarmed at Tier 1. Becomes armed with a powerful laser when upgraded to tier 2, which is effective against both ground and air targets. At tier 3, the crawler is mounted with a Fireball mortar which deals area of effect damage over time, and is most effective against medium units.

It is faster than the Defense Crawler, but slower and more heavily armed than the support crawler. Like the Support Crawler, the Assault Crawler may fire it's weapons on the move. It is good as a battering ram unit, though it must not be left alone. When upgraded with the (mobile) stealth generator, it can be used to sneak around defenses and units and suddenly ambush with a mix of units and lasers/fireballs, giving it a good tactical capability.

Its appearance is based off the Nod MCV used in the third tiberium war.

When the Nod Offense Crawler is upgraded to tier 2, it becomes the only laser-armed unit in the game that can attack while moving.

Press Z to unpack the crawler at its current location. Press X to unpack the crawler at a selected location.

Press DELETE to Decommission your crawler, and after a short time it will be scrapped and you will be prompted to choose another Crawler.



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